Monday, December 25, 2006

Compliments of the Season

I'm taking the opportunity of that haitus of time between setting the turkey off and opening the presents and then continuing with cooking the lunch to wish all my fellow bloggers out there and very Merry Christmas and a pieceful 2007

I participated in a made and a purchased Secret Santa with an online group I belong to and as always it was a delight to open my surprises this morning

The purchased present was a lovely set of fridge magnets in a pretty little tin which are way too nice to slum it with the kids ones on the fridge in the kitchen so I've commandeered DH1's redundant metal notice board which I shall persuade DH to put on the wall next to my sewing area so I can enjoy and use them on there - they came with a sweet little emery board with a quilting design on it - just the thing for getting rid of those snags on your nails that catch on all that lovely fabric when you're playing :o)

The made present was a set of 6 placemats in a lovely line of fabric which will go with my dining room - a real treat

Thank you to both my secret santas - have a lovely day everyone!


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Merry Christmas! Your secret santa were very nice to you great gifts!

Libby said...

Secret Santas are cool -- hope your day was the merriest.