Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh Pooh!!! Eeyore for the high jump :o(

Well I've definitely been a busy little bunny - stitching my fingers to the bone.

My niece's quilt is bordered, sandwiched and quilted. However as is often the case with best laid plans the microfibre cloth for the backing was less than successful. Too stretchy and way too heavy. Had it been light weight and stretchy I could have coped but the weight of all that fabric just pulled every which way but loose and so I gave up very rapidly having to spend part of Friday evening unpicking - yeeuuuuchhhh!!!

Saturday was pretty busy with shopping and football so most of the work had to be done today.

Never mind I reverted to the good old wadding and backing fabric and ploughed on with the quilting today in a very large meander.

Whilst on the quilting run I sandwiched and then quilted my brother and sister-in-law's table runner in 'bottom line' thread all over with holly leaves. Had I had more time I might have done something that fitted more with the actual piecing but I don't think they'll mind and the leaves are seasonal.

So then onto the quilt for my nephew - something blue my sister said - I have half the world's supply of blue fabric in my stash - how difficult could that be I asked myself - but no, virtually everything I touched had flowers on it - definitely not right for a 16 yr old boy.

So I settled for some crisp navy and white fabrics which have little sailors and anchors - a bit young but definitely better than flowers.

You can see the blues in the right hand star block.

I'm afraid there was one casualty today - the reality of how quickly I have to get these things finished finally hit me this afternoon and Eeyore was the casualty - even as quickly as I can hand applique there's no way on this little earth that I could get him done and everything finished for Friday. So I took the chicken's way out and plumped for a star to match her brothers in Eeyoreish colours like the quilt.

Never mind maybe I'll get round to doing a proper Eeyore cushion (minus the quillow bit) for her for next Christmas.


Fiona said...

Just had to click on the picture with the holly leaf quilting to see it in more detail- how do you do that? Do you meander first and then add the leaves or do the leaves as you go along? Whichever way, it looks really good.

quiltpixie said...

its a hard realization how close the deadline is isn't it?... better to have it all done though...

joyce said...

Isn't in great that there is always another Christmas. Takes off some of the pressure. Lol.

Lily said...

Oh you did a GREAT job on the table runner Anne :)

Alas, my table runners as gifts will have to wait until next Christmas!!