Friday, December 08, 2006

A good start on Eeyore

Yesterday evening I cut, stitched, pressed, cut, stitched and pressed again. Merrily working away in short bursts between sorting out feeding my brood and going to Sarah's school for an open evening about arranging her two weeks work experience next summer.

And voila! Eeyore's quilt top centre is done....... sort of scrappy but to the main colour scheme.

I intend to put a simple 2" border all round in the darkest of the greys and bind it in the purple with the little red spots on (sorry you'll have to look a bit closer for that)

Our local cheapie supermarket Lidl often sells obscure non-food items. I went in last weekend to search for stocking fillers and came across some lovely microfibre cloth throws in a variety of colours. The fabric is that beautifully soft sort of very fine velour which feels so gorgeous - a bit like 'minky' fabric which costs an arm and a leg in fabric shops over here - often in excess of £20/metre.

These throws measure 150cm x 200cm so that's the equivalent of over 2 yards of 45" fabric at the princely sum of £7.99 for the item or about $16 to you in US money - by my reckoning that comes out at £4 per metre which is cheap in anyone's book.

Never one to turn down a bargain I bought six of them - deep grey, light pink, bright turquoise, navy blue, honey brown and duster yellow - a strange assortment of shades but just the ones that were left.

I shall use some of the grey for this eeyore quilt and some of the navy for my nephews. The others will come in handy for something I'm sure.

Now I have to work on the Eeyore applique for the cushion front.

Nigel announced last night that he has to go up country next Friday - a week today - for work and could try and arrange to meet my brother somewhere mutually convenient if he's free for a handover of Christmas presents. My parents live quite close to my brother and my sister will be calling on them sometime before Christmas so could collect her pile. We're the only one's who live miles away and just can't see any other way of getting the santa sack to them.

So that puts the pressure on to stitch a bit more speedily - still Sarah's rugby match this Sunday has been postponed to an unknown future date so I can spend all Sunday locked onto the sewing machine to make more progress.

Wish me luck!


joyce said...

Your quilt looks great! Good luck in getting everythnig finished in time.

quiltpixie said...

Sounds like you're a busy santa's elf..

Clare said...

I love Lidl. I got my Lervia sewing machine from there this time last year. 60 Euro and it is brilliant! That quilt is going to be lovely.

Fiona said...

I like the colours you are using - a grey eeyore will look really good against them.