Friday, April 06, 2007

And then off on a completely different tangent

Well we're heading off to sunny Herefordshire tomorrow teatime. I've put together lots of hand stitching to take with me for those quiet spots you get when you're relaxing. I have my Christmas wallhanging in redwork to crack on with - I managed to refrain from stitching most of it during this week - and I also traced off some bluework snowmen too.
Sarah made some Lemon Curd (or some people call it Lemon Cheese) in Food Technology the other week and it was so delicious I suggested she might like to make a jar to take for our friends, Jon in particular is especially partial to lemon flavoured things.
So this afternoon she rustled up a jar full and we dressed it up with a pretty lemon coloured fabric cap - just right for a present.
Our own lemon curd jar from the other week is still well over half full and as it's not one of those preserves you can keep for too long and I seem to be the only person in the house spreading it on my toast I thought I'd use some of it up in some baking to take with us tomorrow too.
I've no idea what the name of these is - if in fact they have a name - I just made them up as I went along............... shortcrust pastry on the base, a layer of lemon curd and then a thick layer of victoria sandwich cake mixture with added lemon zest and juice and finally sprinkled with copious quantities of caster sugar to give a crunchy sweet topping - then in the oven on 180 degrees C for I've no idea how long as I just kept adding another 5 or 10 minutes until the cake testing skewer came out clean. Jon's farm work involves plenty of physical exertion so he never needs to worry about what he eats and cakes are always welcome - hope he likes these
Then once I'd finished the baking I was surfing around the blogs and came across this beautiful table runner on May's blog - how beautiful and springlike
So it set me thinking - my dining room table has a row of three black granite blocks down the middle to put hot dishes on - we have never had much luck with place mats so bought these as they looked pretty indestructible - indeed they are but they're also a bit dark and dreary.
Just what I need then - a nice bright table runner to sit on top of them when the table is between meals.
So in the winking of an eye I cut out some 3.5" squares and stitched them together.
Two tulips later I've made a good start and I shall take the rest of the leaves and flowers with me tomorrow and might get some of those done too. Needless to say the tulips will take a little longer than the pieced background!
Who knows I might make a whole series of runners and change them with the seasons like some of you girls do with your quilts
Finally here's a sneaky picture taken by the 'Lemon Curd Cook' of me lumbering onto the floor to lay out the tulip WIP for photographing - not the most flattering photo with me specs on the end of me nose - I'll get her back tomorrow :o)


Diana said...

I love lemon curd! My grandmother was from England, and one of her few surviving recipes was for lemon curd. It seems like it was not easy to make. My mother didn't make it very often, but it was a real treat when she did!
Have a great weekend!

ForestJane said...

Oh, pretty Are you going to put tulips around the whole edge? How about a bee or bird in the middle?

atet said...

Mnnn...lemon curd.

What a nice idea for your table runner. I know a few people who have seasonal ones. Since my "sewing studio" is otherwise known as our dining table, I think my dh would faint if I started making some -- but it's a great idea.

As for the photo revenge -- first thing in the morning, before the hair has been done is a good time!

May Britt said...

I am so flattered that you will maka a similar tulip runner :)
I am looking forward to see yours. I too are planning more table runners like this with different flowers on.

I had to reply your comment here because you came up as "noreply" in my mail. Please check your settings in blogger and see if you have not allowed your mailadr to show.

Have a nice day.

YankeeQuilter said...

The lemon curd sounds wonderful. My mom used to serve it with warm gingerbread. Now I have the urge to make some Florida Lemon bars...too bad my DH hates lemons! (except in a cold gin and tonic that is!)