Sunday, April 22, 2007

National Pride..... on a local level

Tomorrow is St. George's Day - the patron saint of England.
Ireland has St Patrick's day on March 17th, where shamrocks and all things green abound. Wales has St David's day on March 1st with leeks and daffodils on show and Scotland celebrates St Andrew on 30th November with probably not quite so much enthusiasm and vigour but no doubt lots of thistles.
However in England on 23rd April sporting the red rose of England and the St George's flag is often seen in the media and politically correct circles as one step removed from xenophobic posturing - a sign of an almost neo-nazi threat.
While I think it is good to embrace the multi-cultural make up of our land I do feel there's nothing wrong with being proud of the country you come from especially when the other countries within the United Kingdom do so on their special days.
Traditionally the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movements have always celebrated St. George's day, usually with a parade followed by a church service.
Taunton today was no exception with DS and DD2 parading with their respective scout and cub groups. Here you can see Louise carrying their pack flag.
The parade worked its way through the town centre ending up in the town's beautiful Vivary Park for an act of collective worship combined with a celebration of scouting's centenary this year.
The almost black and white tulips were stunning and we did have a quiet smile that some joker had put copious quantities of bubble bath in the fountain - much to the delight of the littler children who were scooping handsful of froth out to throw at their parents.
The last photo shows you a view across the park with the old converted Jellalabad barracks in the background - harking back to days gone by when the town housed an army regiment
We were very lucky as the weather for the parade and service was very kind - nothing like as nice if it's pouring down - as it often has been on other years.
Stitching wise I've managed to get a few more tulips appliqued onto my table runner, stitched a little more of my redwork christmas tree and done a bit more machine quilting on Spencer's Stars - nothing too exciting to warrant a photo yet - lots more to go!


Diana said...

Anne, it sounds as if you all had a great day. I've never heard of St. George's Day, but it sounds like a great reason to celebrate. Are the tulips really black?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I lvoe the b&w tulips. The bubles made for much merriment, what fun! Happy St. George's Day. I learned something new.. hadn't heard of this before.

atet said...

What a fun day -- love the bubbles!

KCQuilter said...

What a neat day! And the tulips are gorgeous. More importantly, did you get a day out of school for this holiday???

meggie said...

Thanks for the lovely pics of the park. Glad it was a lovely day for everyone.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Tulips are my favorite flower but I never knew there were black tulips! How neat - thanks for sharing with us the photo and also the history of St. George's Day.

I get an email each day of the saint of the day - and this was the link to St. George's info:

~Bonnie in SE Texas

Libby said...

Any good reason for a parade is fine by me *s* Wow - the tulips are stunning.

Clare said...

I heard in Radio 4 yesterday that hardly any of the public buildings in London flew the flag on Monday which is a real shame. I used to love coming into Waterloo on the train from Guildford and seeing all the public buildings with their flags flying.

Screen Door said...

Definitely spring the tulips ar gorgeous.