Friday, April 20, 2007

Lovely fabrics and some good news

I had a very nice parcel in the post this week - you might remember I'd considered trying to buy some more of the blue fabric for my soft and faded quilt to enable me to put narrow blue borders between all the blocks.
I finally managed to track the shop I bought it from and rang them. As it had been last summer they thought they probably wouldn't have any left but suggested I send a sample and they would check.
Luck was on my side - they still had some fabric left and so I bought another two metres - Result!!!
At the moment I'm rather partial to checks and plaids and here is a selection of fat quarters I picked up when I went fabric shopping for Sarah's DofE fabric. I have no particular project in mind they will go into my stash to pop into projects along the way to take the edge off that certain sickly sweetness I sometimes feel you end up with if you use all florals.
Some wonderful news this morning in the form of a thank you letter from Nigel's cousin and wife up in Lancaster.
You might recall their second son was born very prematurely weighing only 1lb 12 ozs back in the winter
The letter gave us the fabulous news that he is now in Lancaster hospital, having moved from Manchester ITU and has reached the whopping milestone of 2kgs or in proper money 4lbs 7ozs. Mum is currently staying with him to establish feeding so the grandparents have been drafted back in to help look after his dad and elder brother.
The nicest thing about the letter was the expression of appreciation not only for the little garments I knitted for him but also our words of support which they said hit exactly the right note at the time. The link we'd given them to a book written by friends of ours who'd been through a similar experience was particularly helpful and I'm so glad I took my courage in my hands and put pen to paper.
When people are going through such a difficult time it's all too easy to just shrug and think 'Oh well I don't know what to say' and subsequently do nothing. However I'm sure that if you try to send a sensitive message with the best intent the thought is usually appreciated. You may recall my 'darling' MIL treated us like total idiots at the time not trusting us not to put our foot firmly in it. Obviously we didn't and it's lovely to have that confirmed.
Now Matthew John is making good progress, once I have Spencer's Stars completed (and I keep chugging away on that) I shall make him a quilt of his very own in time for him coming home out of hospital.
Isn't modern medical science absolutely marvellous?


joyce said...

It's nice to read about all your good news and lucky you to get the extra fabric you need.

Jane Weston said...

I'm so pleased to hear the good news. I have wondered often over the last few months how the little fellow was doing and I'm glad you have written to say he is improving. Thanks for sharing.

Juliann said...

you are so right about taking the time to communicate with folks who are going through struggles - you don't need to say lots, just let them know you are thinking of them - thanks for the reminder

Lily said...

Oh Anne that is marvellous news indeed! And good on you for being so caring and not afraid to show it. That'll show your MIL (or maybe not!).

Congrats on finding the fabric you were seeking (and some more too!).

YankeeQuilter said...

So happy to hear the little guy is doing well.

You deserve all those fun checks and plaids!!

Dawn said...

Oh how lucky they still had that blue! I really like it! And all your checks are going to be so fun. I"m so happy to hear the good news about the baby!

ForestJane said...

Wow, great fabric and great news!

Now that Matthew's doubled in size, you'll have to make him some bigger outfits too. :)

Libby said...

That is just fantastic news - a very special little boy *s*

Screen Door said...

I've been out of pocket-- catching up... outstanding fabric...