Sunday, July 08, 2007

The baby quilt progresses

I promised on our return from the Yorkshire trip that I'd show you some of my ill-gotten gains.........

This Laurel Burch 'Mythical Horses' really caught my eye in the shop at Embsay Mills - the background burgundy fairly closely matches the celtic knotwork on the cushions I made for my sister's birthday last November and as she has a horse of her own I thought this fabric would really appeal to her. Mind you at £2.65 per fat quarter (that's around US$5.25 making it US$21 per metre) you can probably understand why I only picked up a couple of fat quarters to use it as accent material probably in the centre of some sawtooth stars.

However all the Rowan solids which are woven with different coloured warp and weft threads to give them a 'shot silk' appearance were on sale at a mere £4 per metre and lots of the colours matched the colours in the horses so I picked up a cart load of these in varying lengths to use for the star points and the sashings.

I shall make a decent sized lap quilt to go over the back of her sofa for cool winter evenings when she likes to sit and cross stitch. This will be her birthday present in November so I don't have to get started on it immediately.

The Rowan stripes were also on sale at £5 a metre and as I'm a sucker for stripes of any kind these just had to jump into my shopping basket. The two narrower striped ones in the background make me think of 1920's men's striped blazers.

And last but not least these other Rowans variegate through several colours and remind me of some of the African fabrics you see - so they had to come home too! I think they'll make lovely bindings or bias strip for celtic knotwork.
The lady at the cutting table commented that they'd sold virtually none of any of this Rowan fabric until it had been put in the sale - mind you I believe it retails out at around £12 per metre so it's not surprising really even if people will pay that for the usual printed cottons.
On a different note I've stitched all nine sawtooth stars for the baby quilt for Erica. Here's one with some of the sashing already attached. Much like Spencer's Stars I shall use cream sashings like the star background but pink cornerstones to match the star points because there wasn't that much fabric in the skirt. However this quilt won't be anything like as heavily quilted as my nephew's was. So there's a bit of assembly still to do and lots of applique - a flower in the centre of each star and probably some more in the plain cream outer border. Who knows a few little pale green butterflies might just fly in to play too.


Pieces From Me said...

Your fabrics are all so beautiful, but that little flower in the middle of the star really makes that quilt!! It is amazing how a little flower can change the whole look of a quilt. Gorgeous! Bren

Guðrún said...

I love your Rowan fabrics. That baby quilt will be great. As Bren said the flower makes it.

Fiona said...

The Rowan fabric was a bargain to be sure! I've looked at it in Liberty's when I've been up to London but as you say, at £12 a metre, looking is all I will do.

ForestJane said...

That's going to be such a sweet quilt for a girl baby. :)

I'd be tempted to put a teeny little green inchworm on one of the flowers too... lol.

meggie said...

I love seeing all your fabrics & watching your lovely quilts being made.
I love that horse fabric.

atet said...

I love those fabrics -- though the price of the LB is a bit dear. (I won't mention what we pay in the states -- it would simply make you cringe). Those Rowan shot cottons and stripes have me drooling. Love the baby quilt as well -- it's going to be stunning.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Anne, the horses and go-with fabrics are really great! Such interesting colors -- can't wait to see that one develop!

Libby said...

Gorgeous fabrics.