Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The final jigsaw piece arrives

Well the sixteenth block has arrived to complete the picture
That's it - all my four seasons block are safely gathered in with the last Winter block in the post this morning

As you can see from my design wall I have the bundles of Winter sashings and cornerstones all cut and hanging up ready to finish assembling this centre

Then it's on to the outer two borders -

The first will be a narrow one of about 2" width in 4 contrasting pertinent fabrics, one for each season but with the same 4 lots of green fabrics for the cornerstones as are in the 4 sections of the centre.

Then the outer wider border which will again be four different seasoned fabric with the 4 different green cornerstones but to compliment this I intend to use the 4 central sashing checked fabrics to applique the four season names - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter on this border probably to the left of each cornerstone.

Clear as mud? You'll see when I take the photos

After I've completed the baby quilt that is


Lily said...

It does sound a bit like a jigsaw Anne :) But I am sure it will be lovely.

After you've finished the baby quilt, of course!

Jeanne said...

Ah, I've been enjoying watching this one come along -- can't wait to see the borders!

joyce said...

It's looking good. I'll be watching to see how it looks with the borders.

Susan said...

What a great quilt you've collected! I like your idea about the borders. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

McIrish Annie said...

the baby quilt is beautiful and you are right not to add borders. it is perfect as is .. I too love when DH is out of the house for a bit. had time just the other night and got all of my Postcards done for the summer exchange..

have a great day!!

meggie said...

That will be one very interesting quilt when it is all done.

Judy said...

I missed the last few posts and everything is looking so yummy! Love the baby quilt and all the others! Just wonderful!

Holly said...

Looks like a beautiful sampler - and I *love* samplers!

vernie said...

Your still churning out such beautiful work Anne, was wondering how you were coping during all these terrible floods. Not seen you around much in BQL.