Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

October has crept in here in Somerset in dank and dismal fashion. My hair ends up in wiggles by the time Louise and I have walked to school. The hedgerows are full of big fat spiders in their perfect webs which glisten like diamonds with the mist droplets. The berries are plentiful on the trees - that might mean a hard winter - but the leaves are very slow to turn.

With the exception of a couple of days last week it has still been very mild and my poor garden is most confused.

The yellow clematis is still merrily flowering away amongst the autumn berries

The roses are still blooming.

And the cherry tree thinks it's spring already - a very mixed up state of affairs.
The fruitfulness all around me hasn't really been echoed in my stitching room.

My two probationary quilters did complete their first blocks last night - they were giggling because you couldn't see the silly faces they were pulling behind their blocks in this picture - 15 going on 4! Then they made a start on cutting out the pieces for a second block - a sawtooth star.

My own sewing has been restricted to this little stitchery - a basket of strawberries.

I'm afraid my rotten cold has left me full of catarrh and feeling listless, the greyness of the weather probably isn't helping either and being very busy at work along with ferrying the kids around in different directions is sapping my energy levels too.

On top of this some vitriolic words this morning from the mother of one of Louise's classmates about something totally inoffensive I'd mentioned in passing to her daughter about sharing homework text books didn't improve my demeanor either. Some parents are just totally convinced they have perfect children aren't they? In this case nothing could be further from the truth. Mine isn't an angel either but at least I don't profess her to be. However the result of this aggressive confrontation which left me unusually lost for words was I couldn't get it out of my mind all day. That in turn distracted me from a pile of things I had hoped to achieve at work - somewhat counterproductive.

However all in all I am much better than I was last week which is a blessing and the offshoot of it all is I've decided to reassess my committments to things outside the home and family to make me feel less under the kosh all the time. I've realised that if I can't dedicate sufficient time to a task to do it properly then I should hand it back instead of beating myself up about it and achieving less than required.
I had taken on the role of booking speakers for the local quilt group - I now realise I just do not have the time to do the job properly and it was hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles. Now I've handed it back I feel much better. To be honest at present I can't even drum up the time to attend the monthly meetings much less arrange them.

On a lighter note here's a little bit of nonsense I stitched in and amongst everything during the summer time - all done in french knots totally at random the heart measures about 2.5" high.
I'm not sure what I'll make it into but I did enjoy stitching it.


Screen Door said...

Great post... Love nature this time of year. Speaking from a mom who KNOWS their daughter isn't perfect, parents can be worse than kids... I love to see these teens sewing. we have to pass on quilting to the next generation.

Doodlebug Gail said...

I love your little-bit-of-nonsence heart - it is adorable, as is the strawberry basket. I am sorry you had to contend with the mother of a "perfect child". I don't do well with confrontations so I have no idea how I would have handled it.

And lastly, good for you for realising that you can't do everything. I hope that you'll find more YOU time real soon.

Karol-Ann said...

At the time, you can't think of anything else and you just stew about these things. I had the same recently with someone, but IT DOES blow over and soon you will realise that 'that parent' is just silly.

YOU on the other hand are a wonderful stitcher and have made me drool over my keyboard with that heart of yours!

I'm glad you've also handed back a stressful task, surely there must be someone with more time than you - you need that time to sew :O)

Bren said...

Wonderful post!! Your french knot heart is gorgeous!!

Fiona said...

The heart is just beautiful, I would never have the patience to do something like that. Hope yu find the ideal project to use it for.

KCQuilter said...

So sorry about that obnoxious parent--they're definitely out there, aren't they? Hope you're feeling better today. Love, love, love that little French knot piece. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

andsewitis Holly said...

I absolutely love your stitchery and those french knots are gorgeous. I wouldn't mind being able to do "nonsense" like that :)

chook said...

Anne I hope you are feeling better .The girls blocks looks good .The little heart is just beautiful.
Hugs Beth

Juliann in WA said...

That heart stitchery is amazing! And why don't people just keep their opinions around parenting to themselves? None of us are perfect but who cares - it isn't a competition. Sounds like you have a pretty realistic attitude.

joyce said...

The rail fence blocks are looking wonderful! I do like to see kids sewing. I also love the heart you have embroidered.

Clare said...

You are so like me - taking something on and unable to follow it through then unable to say I can't do it and getting all het up about it. Finally when you do delegate it to someone else you wonder why you didn't do it in the first place.

Other kid's mothers should be ignored - the kids can always sort it out themselves. DD is going through the I hate you and you aren't my friend any more teenage bit. I'm getting all worked up and DD tells me to chill out. Not my problem. She's quite right, but we do worry about them.

Gorgeous stitchey photos as usual and your heart is gorgeous. Put it on your fridge to remember L O V E.


Jane Weston said...

I must be going on 4 too as the thought of pulling faces behind a quilt block being photographed sounds like fun!
As for the playground parent...the whole school run and playgroup thing can get soooo political!. We've had our fair share of goings on here so I know just what you mean.
Love the heart...but can I just say I think you must be slightly mad to do all those French knots!!!

Lily said...

Anne sorry to hear you are still under the weather and being badly treated by a mother who should know better!

I adore your French knot heart. It is truly gorgeous. A medallion quilt with a heart at its heart?

Dawn said...

Oh I hope you get over your cold soon! Oh and don't even get me going on some parents and today's view of their angels.

loulee1 said...

Your blog makes the day and the season seem much nicer than it is. My daily walk takes in no such niceties, the closest I get to nature is one tired privet hedge. Thank you for reminding me just how pretty autumn can be.
The girls have done a great job.
So did you your strawberries and your french knots look pretty. How many knots are in there?
Let the confrontation at the school gates melt away like morning mists, look after yourself and your kids and let the rest of the world look after them selves.

Andrea said...

I always think of a really good retort to some-one who upsets me - about 2 hours after the event ! Hope you're feeling better soon. Lovely pieces of work especially the cute little heart.

meggie said...

Hugs Anne. Dont beat yourself up trying to overachieve.
You have a very busy & full life, & need time for you!
Love that little heart, very sweet!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The dimensional heart and strawberry stitcheries are wonderful, you do such lovely handwork. Forget about the delusional mother of the perfect child, she'll be aiming her wrath elsewhere tomorrow; you were simply in her line of fire. People like that can be so upsetting to those of us that have, and practice, self-control.

Jeanne said...

What lovely moody garden photos! It's always bright and mild here -- boring!
The french-knot heart is amazing!

Ali Honey said...

Well done girls!
Great Autumn photos.
Isn't it a bugger when you can't get something out of your mind.....I think the harder you try the worse it is.

I have found as I get older NO is a great word, when someone is pushing me to do something I either don't wish to do or haven't the time to do. The more you use the NO word the easier it gets.

Healthwise , please look after yourself, you really are important and need to be well. Hugs from way down over here where Spring has sprung and my Cheery trees look like yours - except mine are supposed to!

Tanya said...

Your hear it amazing! No puckers anywhere! You should post that one on your sidebar or header or somewhere so that we can see it everyday! It is filled with love and we certainly feel that when visiting your blog!

Nadine said...

Oh my, your stitcheries are sooo cute ! LOVE them !

Hugs & smiles,

atet said...

That heart is lovely! I'm so sorry you were having a hard time. As a teacher I can tell you, I'd much rather deal with a parent who knows their child well rather than the ones who think their children can do no wrong. Ugh.

Hang in there!