Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hearts and flowers

The May Day bank holiday weekend over here in the UK was for once not a damp squib - the sun shone and temperatures rose to 'take your coat off' levels - very pleasant. Time enough for a walk in the countryside, some gardening and a bit of stitching too

I slipped in under the wire with my April BQL Bag Challenge bag - just! At 9.30pm on the Saturday evening I made the extended deadline with a couple of hours to spare - phew!

The May bag isn't as large but involves making 24 bow tie blocks so there's no way I dare leave this one until the very last minute - just have to decide on some fabrics and get started on that one then

I put the final stitches in the replacement Spring Fling Round Robin last night - that will be sent off to sunny Portugal either today or tomorrow.

I didn't have any of the original fabric I used for the leaves left so to avoid rummaging through my fabric boxes in the loft I used an I Spy square sent to me I think by Karol-Ann. The background was just the right green for the leaves - but boy was I cutting it a bit fine in between all those animals :o)

And finally five more little heart quilts completed - all except the lilac and sand one at the top right have homes - so they'll be heading off to the post office pretty sharpish too

Still got one more heart top completed on the sand background plus three on the black backgrounds now ready for sandwiching and two others with pre-determined destinations in the planning stages to start but I can feel an end to the heart phase starting to appear on the horizon

So apart from my May bag, I wonder what I should have a go at next?


Karol-Ann said...

Next step: Open an Etsy heart wallhanging shop!

My poor little African animals - robbed of their grass LOL. Glad you've had good weather so have we thankfully.

jovaliquilts said...

So funny -- most people would use the animals and leave the green!

Your heart quilts are so popular, you probably could open at Etsy shop!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Funny how everyone is mentioning Etsy...I thought of that too for your little heart quilts. I bet they would be a hit.

Wasn't the weather wonderful! Very odd to have a dry bank holiday. We enjoyed a day at the fair and had our first proper ice cream of the season.

I haven't started my May bag yet. Still in 2 minds whether to carry on with the challenge...Not sure what I'd do with 12 bags!!

Libby said...

Your replacement block turned out great . . . not such a bad thing that the first went missing *s*

loulee1 said...

LOL Now what will you do with the animals? Someone with you tallent for applique should be able to get them to a new grassland! LOL.
You know I'm still enjoying these little hearts, they are so sweet. I'm amazed you have kept going for so long, I'd have burnt out on them a while ago.
You know you were in the wrong bit of GB for May day, people were out in bikinis here. Not me I hasten to add, the sun would have hidden behind a cloud.

Clare said...

Gone on - try Etsy, but then again if you feel you are all hearted out, perhaps you should try something else.

I wish I could top you weather wise, but unfortunately the Weather Fairy isn't playing the game here.

I've got some more fabric for you. Will post as soon as the Jours de Ferie are over.

meggie said...

I think you need an Etsy shop too!

Glad your May Day was nice.

Nursedude said...

Anne, maybe I am showing what an oversized kid I REALLY am by stating that I saying how much I like that fabric with the African animals on it.