Friday, May 30, 2008

I find it a little worrying.............

...............that so many of you know my husband better than I do.

Yes, you've guessed it - the kids and I ended up clearing the conservatory of all those coats and shoes. Don't ask - lets just say the possible impending row wasn't worth it

No don't shout all at once 'We told you so'

However the coats, shoes, scarves, hats, gloves and bags were very lucky to get back into that cupboard. It was very nearly claimed for something else

Louise decided she'd like to be Harry Potter - mind you if you've seen the state of her pigsty (sorry that should really read bedroom but it would be a contravention of the Trades Descriptions Act to call it that) you'd understand why a newly painted empty cupboard would seem so attractive and preferable.

Enough of coats and cupboards and onto more stitchy things

I've received details of my partner for the final Summer part of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Obviously I can't tell you who he/she is but a love of red was one of the things on the preference list

To me Summer always means roses - so I dug out this piece of 'sort of Cath Kidston' type rose fabric.

I've also started a bit of stitchery to compliment it. I took my inspiration from a design for a home decorating stencil.

Now I have a big query here for all you experts.
I'd like to shade the insides of the stitching like the scarf and nose on this random photo I've pulled from the net - sorry if it's yours (obviously Scandinavian) but I didn't keep a note of where I found it - however I can't remember what to use for the shading - I seem to think I've read somewhere that watercolour pencils do the trick but I'm not sure if I have the wrong end of the stick. Maybe someone could give me a clue or two.

Yesterday I went on a workshop held locally and arranged by a lady from our Monday morning group - how fortuitous it was in the holidays and I could make a weekday.

It was on Atarashii patchwork which is a variation on the theme of Japanese Folded Patchwork
This was the result of my work yesterday and last night.
I ended up making 3" blocks which were more fiddly than the recommended 4" ones - my pieces of card were too small to make templates for 4" blocks.

The outer circles are pieced and the inner inserts too - with careful placing of colours and fabrics you can produce endless combinations of patterns. I shall persevere with this piece of work - after all I've completed nine of the 16 blocks but I wouldn't say it's a technique I'd play with on a regular basis.

However it was very nice to spend the day just stitching amongst pleasant company.

I've completed my offering for the ALQS run by Kate - now to post it off - just couldn't resist using these colourful heart buttons I've been saving for something special

And the fancy took me the other day to try a little mini-mini heart quilt on the same lines as the others I've been making but smaller still - I shall give this one a home next to the fireplace in my living room.
Here we are - how dinky - the initial squares are 1" and the hearts about 3/4" - the whole thing measures a hair's breadth under 5.5" finished and those little heart buttons are just teeny
Here's another bit of heart nonsense I played with the other week combining applique and stitchery - this time the heart's back to the size on the black quilt.
And finally a sneak preview of my 400th post giveaway - not long now - only a few postings left until all can be revealed.
Right I have some 'work' work to do today - BORING! - yes and it's for work but in the holidays! - I've brought home a great wadge of paperwork which has been piling up and crying out to be sorted into some semblance of order (before I get a surprise visit from the auditors too) - I'd never get the time or the workspace in the office to do it so home seemed the most sensible option - I shall claim the time for it though but it does seem a shame to take up a chunk of my holiday time
Never mind once I've completed it I might just have a go at finishing off the Japanese Folded blocks - or crack on with the Summer quilt.


Rosalind said...

Some pencils eg Derwent Inktense will work after they have been "shaded" with a damp brush. Ordinary pencils will also work if you brush a little fabric medium over them.
Another alternative is some cheapo felt tipped pens work. Easy to test out.

Cascade Lily said...

Anne you have been so busy! Lovely work, as always! Louise is a bit of a stunner, isn't she! Nice work on the cupboard by the way. No doubt as I start nesting we'll tackle some similar projects here too :)

Karol-Ann said...

I'm afraid, I knew how it would all end (been there, done that!) LOL
Love the heart and embroidery and as you know I just love your hearts, but that mini-mini sure is tiny!! Gorgeous ALQS!
(And gorgeous daughter, but were'nt we all messya t that age?)

jovaliquilts said...

Nice heart with stitchery -- such a good combination! And your household stories made me laugh. :)

atet said...

LOVE all the little projects. As for the shading -- um, I think you can used crayons as well as watercolor pencils to do that. I've never tried it but I've heard/seen something about it...

loulee1 said...

I love the applique and stitchery heart. What a nice idea, can I copy?
I should think the cupboard under the stairs is a very cosy place.

Ms. Jan said...

Lovely work Anne--thanks for sharing!!

Journeying said...

I LOVE your heart quilts, all of them. Hearts are my "thing"!!
I've never used colored pencils on fabric although I've read about it in books and online and seen folks on tv do it, but I have used crayons (regular crayons, not fabric crayons which are for other applications entirely) and they work quite nicely. They need to be heat-set when you're finished, though, using wax paper or something between the fabric and your iron for protection.

Mad about Craft said...

Love the heart quilts and the stitchery looks interesting too!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I use crayons to shade my stitchery then set them with a white cloth and the iron. Works perfect. Love all your projects.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the mini heart quilt with the stitchery, I even have some of that border fabric! If i just knew how to do applique and stitchery.....

Jeanne said...

Oh, she looks so cozy tucked in there! She is a beauty!!
Jeanne :)

Stacy A. said...

Check you out! You are one busy girlie. So many great things in the works. I cant wait to see more. That teeny heart quilt is amazing. Your applique is great. You are getting TONS of practice though. At least you have many reasons to get that paper work done fast. Good luck.

meggie said...

All of your work is so lovely. Daughter is a heartbreaker too.
I have used crayons, for shading, heat set with baking paper over it, to protect the iron.

Libby said...

Never thought of watercolor pencils . . . I've tinted some stitchery with good, old-fashioned crayons. Color, then make a blotter of paper towels to protect your board and a pressing cloth on top to protect your iron. Heat setting will melt the color into the fiber and make it's intensity fade.

Sue Wild said...

Hi Anne
I love those little heart quilts that you've put in your posts. If all the others are small then the one in the last picture must be really diddy!!!


Carol E. said...

Love the heart quilts, and Louise is gorgeous! I like the little cubby she claimed... I would have, too.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That heart quilt is darling! The patiences you must have to appliqué something THAT small!