Saturday, May 24, 2008


This week has been so hectic - not with the kids really, only scouts on Thursday evening so with them not so much of the taxi service

However for me at work I've been working on 110% capacity - not something that can be sustained for very long, and not a particularly comfortable seat to sit in either.

A training course on Tuesday, a very long day of intensive year end stuff with my Finance Officer on Wednesday, a return visit by her on Thursday as Wednesday's 8.30 to 6.15 didn't knock everything on the head and finally trying to get some other imperative deadline stuff finished against the clock yesterday just about finished me off

It's also been a really emotional week for Sarah - more exams and yesterday was the Year 11's leavers' lunch.

Here she is all dressed up, with her hair being allowed to do what it does naturally, standing with her Head of PE.
Both her teachers and her peers have written some lovely things in her Year book - makes us very proud of her.

There were lots of tears all round as, although she is so looking forward to 6th Form College in September, a good part of her will really miss school. I only hope all three of mine enjoy it so much that they're sad to leave. She does still have to go in for exams for the three weeks up to the 20th June so she hasn't totally broken free yet. And of course there's the all important Prom on Friday 13th to fit in too - who picked that date, I ask you?

Today is the start of the late Spring Half Term break - it is a Bank Holiday on Monday so Nigel gets a long weekend - he's been dashing here and there this week too with UK trips and a day over in Holland - phew!!! I think we all need to step back and take a deep breath or two

I have fitted some sewing in during this week - my giveaway for my 400th post is complete (strawberries is a bit of a hint), I have quilted my ALQS offering and just need to bind and label it and I've also fitted in a little stitchery for some more little quilts.

I've had some nice post drop through my letterbox including a mini-quilt from Hedgehog following on from her visit in April and a couple of nice bits of fabric from Clare - I'll share these with you next time. However I have failed miserably to post out the two pink heart quilts yet - the Post Office just didn't call loudly enough to be heard above the melee - they will have to go next week

I haven't taken any photos of my handiwork so I shall leave you with a few more Quantock Spring shots


Lynda said...

What a lovely daughter! I wish her all good luck in her exams and in the future. Her hair is very like my own daughter's, and she has taken a while to get to terms with it (she's 24!). I think they're both very lucky, as my hair is dead straight and I'd love to have curls.

Tanya said...

Sarah is a beauty. A different gal from the one running around in a rugby outfit!

Juliann in WA said...

Well done for your daughter and for her supportive parents! Seems spring is a time when we overload -happy to hear you have a longer weekend to regroup.

Andrea said...

Good luck with the exams Sarah ! Jess went through them last year and we all breathed a sigh of relief when they were done. She is enjoying college but still hankers back for her old school. Now take a big breath Anne and r.e.l.a.x - lol !

Anonymous said...

She looks very happy, and her curly hair is wonderful. Mine doesn't even have a little wave. Wishing her happiness ans success!

alice c said...

Good luck to Sarah for the exams, the Prom and the new school.

When my two moved to a new school I said 'You can take the happy memories with you and leave the unhappy ones behind; there will be new friends waiting for you but your best friends will always be there for you'. It has worked as well because they still keep in contact with their special friends from the old school.

Karol-Ann said...

Well, I see now you weren't kidding about a busy week! Hope you get some rest over the half term break (too short though!!)

All the best to your gorgeous Sarah. I'm very jealous of those lovely locks!!

meggie said...

Your daughter really is beautiful!! Her hair is glorious.
Wish her well from us, please.

Your photos aer lovely.

Mad about Craft said...

Doesn't time fly? I hate to say that the next 2 years will go very quickly! I have just come to terms that SofM is at 6th form college and he is now doing 'A'levels and will be off to Uni in September!!

Encourage her to grap as many opportunties at college as she can, she'll have a great time!

Clare said...

Alex would kill for hair like that! Wishing Sarah the best of luck in for the rest of the exams. Are all her mates going to 6th form too? She is so lucky to have great supportive parents.

We are going through teenage troubles here. Alex's moyenne has hit rock bottom. She's in turmoil poor kid. I'm in a quandry what to do about it hence no blogging as can't sew!