Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the words of Monty Python ...............

......................... And now for something completely different

My brother is nine years younger than me and hence his two children are much younger than mine 

When they called in to see my parents over the Christmas period we had a little time to catch up with my nephew Spencer who is almost six and my niece Darcy who will be three soon

Although Spencer has been the recipient of a couple of my quilts - his Christening quilt 'Spencer's Stars' and his I-Spy quilt - I realised I'd never got round to making Darcy one of her own

She takes after me for her striking red hair but this doesn't stop her loving, and I mean LOVING, to almost exclusivity, the colour PINK.  When she started pre-school last autumn her mother's biggest worry was how to persuade her to wear the lovely smart uniform which is grey and bright blue - I'm just glad I didn't have the task, I thought my three were strong-willed but she beats them all combined hands down - Mum eventually managed but we do have to have PINK hair accessories each day just to make a point

So the obvious choice for a quilt for Darcy just had to be PINK!!!

I was in the mood for something quick and easy - always a girl who loves instant gratification

So big blocks were the order of the day 

I had picked up some 'Cath Kidstonesque' type fabric from IKEA when passing a little while ago - the roses are large enough to hold their own in an 8" centre square.  The toning fabric I bought with it in pink with red dots was just the ticket for the outer churn dash design against a white background and with 16" blocks you only need a few to make something quickly of a decent size.  I then fussy cut some roses for the cornerstones and white sashing, the same as I used in the blocks, gives them the floating impression

Now all I need to finish the top is an outer white border and we're away

Just the job for a little girl who LOVES PINK!!!


Plum Cox said...

Very fresh and bright - lovely! I'm sure that it will be well received.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Anyone would like this quilt, but a little girl who likes pink will LOVE this quilt!

Libby said...

What's not to love about a girl who knows exactly what she wants!

loulee said...

Beautiful. The princess of Pink will love it.

McIrish Annie said...

Love it for the pink, the flowers and the BIG blocks. May have to steal this idea from you! I've got a greatniece who is also the lover of pink. Thanks for the birthday greetings from across the pond!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful! Pink is soooo not my color and I've yet to have to make a pink quilt, but the little girlies do often adore that color exclusively. I'm sure little Darcy will love it!