Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A bit of a hiatus

Things are a little strange at Chez Bebbs at present or should that read strained

The girls did so well at the rugby the other weekend - third from the whole country - the best result the SWS U18s have ever attained - and they were beaten in the semi-finals by the eventual champions so every reason to be proud of their achievements

But the usual air of busy contentment at home is sadly lacking at the moment:

I'm currently playing 'piggy in the middle' between all the other four members of the household who seem to argue constantly in any combination - usual father v teenager stuff, but seriously wearing me down

The insurance company are playing fast and loose over the accident - we are being falsely accused of creating a very small mark on the hire car we were provided with and now we are fighting a bill of £250 - what a scam!

The accident, although minor in personal physical terms, seems to have knocked me sideways somewhat - I just can't get the 'but it wasn't my fault' whinge out of my head every time I think about it and it seems to be having a somewhat disproportionately detrimental effect on my own personal feelings of wellbeing

To top all this off the arthritis I've suffered with for years in my fingers has flared up quite alarmingly in both my fingers and more worryingly my hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet - they are sore even when at rest, driving is difficult, writing is painful and many other things are unpleasantly too uncomfortable to contemplate

The net result of this is - yes you've guessed it - not much stitching happening right now

This then means, in real terms:- Anne + no stitching = not a very happy bunny! My stitching is usually my sanity saver - the thing I bury myself in to cope with life's other unpleasantries.

I have a doctor's appointment this evening - maybe he can do something to alleviate the pain in my joints

Only time will tell..............

Oh for a return to stitching tranquility eh?

Friday, March 13, 2009

The weekend to come.................

I'm so sorry everyone searching for quilty content - this posting will be unashamedly non-quilting!

On Saturday and Sunday the great and the good of girls' rugby will congregate in a small Staffordshire town of Lichfield for the National Championships

Sarah, as a member of the U18s squad for the South West South region will play her matches on Sunday, the U15s on the day before.

The weekend is a culmination of the year leading up to it.........................
The disgusting freezing horizontal hail

The glorious sunshine

The faithful supporters

And on this Sunday......

Balls will be presented

Tackles made

Conversions will be kicked

Scrummages will be pushed with all their might

There may be boredom for some of the camp followers

There may even be a little eye candy for the more discerning ladies on the sidelines - although sadly this particular yellow shorted coach will be with the U15s on the other day - sob!

And ultimately, win or lose, that glorious cry of "Where's the beach? will ring around the club

and the girls will have had a ball!