Sunday, April 06, 2014

Am feeling....................

................ heartily fed up

I finished school on Friday afternoon for the two weeks and a day Easter break

I have lots of projects on the go and a lovely block of time to get on with things

Three baby quilts to sandwich and complete among other things

But I have been struck down

By a very sore hand

A quick telephone consultation with my physiotherapist daughter

Physical tests carried out under instructions long distance over the phone

And a diagnosis

The pain in the base of my right thumb going down into my right wrist is apparently

De Quervain's Tendinosis

I'm struggling to write, lift the kettle or use scissors

Driving is uncomfortable and the pain has been keeping me awake at night

But worst of all

I can't hand stitch or use a rotary cutter and even holding a paperback book is painful

I'm taking anti-inflammatory tablets and using anti-inflammatory gel and reluctantly resting it

Sadly nothing seems to be having much effect yet but am guessing I will just have to give it time


Apart from the frustration of not being able to get on with current projects the boredom is driving me nuts

I'd been making such good progress and with a lovely block of school free time I was hoping to crack on some more

The red and white quilt for Louise's best friend was completed and given to her for her birthday much to her delight

The appliqued baby quilt top is complete

And the first of the baby quilts is also finished

Mind you not without sailing extremely close to the wind on that binding - just squeaked in with a couple of inches to spare

Close or what?