Monday, September 29, 2014

There may not have been much blogging.....

........ but there has been quite a lot of stitching

Three of my work colleagues had new babies over the summer

Hetty's quilt for the new daughter of our Year 2 teacher and his wife

Jonah's quilt for the new son of our Year 5 teacher

and Joshua's quilt for the little boy born to our Year 4 teacher
It's always a delight to make baby quilts for my colleagues - however the Headteacher is getting a little tired of it now - he suggested maybe he ought to commission a quilt for each member of staff as he reckoned they were all either starting or adding to their families just to get one of my quilts.  It has become a bit of a tradition now
Because of Nick's health issues over the past two to three years he's not due to head off to university until next September and his little sister will most probably go at the same time.  However Nick's two best friends headed off to Swansea and Sheffield a couple of weeks ago.  These twin boys have been the most incredible support to Nick going right back to his Diabetes diagnosis five years ago.  We will all miss them as they have really been an extension of our family.  I decided to make them both a quilt to take to university with them.  Often Halls of Residence can be a bit bland so here are their quilts - it was nice to work on something grown up and masculine for a change
Elliott's quilt to take to Sheffield where he's studying Chemistry

Zach's quilt to take to Swansea where he's studying Economics
Bless them both - they both posted a picture of their quilt in situ in their new accommodation for me on Facebook on their arrival
Sarah's best mate Kim had a very nasty accident in the summer - she came off her racing cycle at great speed and collided with a wall - sadly the wall won but thankfully her cycle helmet saved her life.  Unfortunately her pelvis, wrist and cheekbone came off a bit worse for wear and the pelvis fracture was in such a place that she will be non-weightbearing for twelve weeks relying on a wheelchair to get about.  I found some Michael Miller cycle fabric that was just the ticket and designed this lap/wheelchair quilt with a fluffy fleecy back to keep her legs warm as the weather gets cooler

It was quick to do but effective - think I may well make this again with a different focus fabric and maybe a dark background
Finally the teenage daughter of my Slimming group leader has just undergone major spinal surgery for Scoliosis and had two titanium rods fixed to her spine to straighten the curvature.  She has been so brave and I thought a bright and cheery snuggle quilt might brighten up her days as she recovers.
I had the blocks in my cupboard - they'd been maturing for some considerable time with no particular project in mind - so with some fun dotty fabric they soon made up into this quilt to cheer her up
At the moment I'm off work with a horrid flu type bug so not really feeling like sitting at the sewing machine - however once I feel more like it my cousin has just had a little boy who I'm sure needs a quilt and his older 6 year old sister would probably like one too so they're the next projects to get on with