Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twin progress

I've been busily beavering away with lots of pink, pale green and white to get two matching quilts ready for a friend who is expecting twin girls in mid January

The twins are coming up to 30 weeks gestation and giving their mum a lot of grief with false alarms and extremely elastic pelvic ligaments

The midwife is keeping her fingers crossed that they get to 32 weeks but obviously the longer they're in there the better and if nothing else happens in the meantime they should be born by caesarean section on 29th December

However they are a good weight for twins and keep on growing so everyone cross everything for mum while she keeps her legs crossed

I've managed to complete the top of the first quilt and this morning's job is to add the white borders to the second ready for the applique

Here's the centre of quilt no 2 - with the larger stars in green

And this is the completed top for quilt no 1 with pink large stars all done and ready for sandwiching

I thought a swap around of colours would keep them similar but easily distinguishable

And which little girl doesn't love butterflies? Or big girl for that matter :o)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a little something.............

........... I ran up before the summer break

I was looking through some of our photos from the summer holidays and lo and behold at the beginning of the photos is something I forgot to show you

During the past four years that I've worked at my school several of the teachers have gone on maternity leave

It seems to have become a tradition that I make them a quilt for the impending arrival

One of our teachers finished to have her daughter at the end of the summer term - junior became Enya who arrived on 10.10.10 - they won't forget her date of birth in a hurry

So here we are..........

............a quilt for her

Must be something in the air - I'm currently constructing a pair of girlie baby quilts for a friend who is booked in to have her twin girls by caesarean section on 29th December - however she doesn't think she'll get that far - so I'd better get a wiggle on with them :o)