Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bumbling along

Over the last day or two I've had a couple of lovely emails from fellow bloggers checking why I've been so quiet and if all is well here at Chez Bebbs

The short answer is Yes, things are fine

The long answer is Yes, things are fine, but only just.............

As a family we are okay:

Nick is managing his diabetes quite well - struggling with the psychological side of it, but this might also be the usual 14yo 'Ugg' factor which most teenage boys go through whilst dragging their knuckles along the floor as they grow into their adult bodies. However on the plus side he had the result from his first modular exam towards his Maths GCSE (taken in November and which he was convinced he'd totally fluffed) and he got an A* much to his, his teacher's, and our delight

Sarah is snowed under with work for the January A2 exams in Chemistry and Biology - the Chemistry is hard and she also puts her own pressure on as she's her own hardest task-master. She has an interview at Hertfordshire Uni on 10th Feb and we are still waiting to hear from her other two choices. Rugby has been quiet over the past month because of the weather but we heard this last week that she has been selected for England Colleges again this year

Lou is loving life at the moment - she has settled into her new school so well, works hard, has started to collect a lovely group of friends and enjoyed her first out of school social thing with them yesterday going into town shopping together - we are so glad we moved her

Nigel is well, busy at work (which he loves) and should be heading off to Athens for work for a few days at the end of this month (Jammy Toad!)

My parents are both very well - aging and becoming more frail each time I see them but still doing very well and it is so lovely to have them near - they are nothing like the work I anticipated before they moved down so the plusses are winning in this particular equation

As for me - I feel in a kind of hiatus at the moment - I'm coping well with the day to day marshalling of the troops but I haven't picked up a needle since before Christmas which is most unlike me - my hands are incredibly sore at the moment (along with the rest of my joints) possibly exacerbated by the weather which doesn't help but to be honest I feel very lethargic about life in general - maybe it's winter getting to me - I keep thinking, as everyone else in my care is fine, why don't I feel more energised and positive

Work is as mad as ever - we have a big financial inspection due in March and whilst I know everything is in order the hoops we have to jump through to provide documentary evidence of governor competency and good practice is adding to my already full schedule just as a paperwork exercise - as is usually the case with these things there is no extra recompense and the day to day business all has to be handled at the same time - all adding pressure where there's no need. What I would give for a lottery win!

My sewing room is an absolute tip - so much stuff has been piled round everywhere that I'm struggling to find the machine in the midst of it - maybe this is contributing to why I feel less inclined to stitch - coupled with lack of creative inspiration too. I'd love the Fabric Fairy to come along and magic it all back into order but hey! that's not going to happen is it :o)

As for blogging - I've been quiet for various reasons - computer wise we are a PC down in the house - plus downloading photos is less easy on the one that's working - I'm resorting to using Nigel's laptop for anything I need as the kids all need to be on the house computer for coursework etc. However I also feel there's less to tell - sewing is at a halt etc. But to be honest even the little things I would usually share are seeming to whizz by and we're onto something else before I've had chance to catch my breath, much less write anything down. Annoyingly my list of favourite blogs is also on the out of order computer which makes checking up on all of you and gleaning inspiration from your work more of a pain

I think psychologically I'm ready for Spring but I suspect we have a good amount of winter to endure before it arrives

So there you have it - the world continues to revolve - albeit with me constantly running to keep up with it - I didn't mean for this to turn into a whinge list but it seems to have done so - sorry!

Keep smiling :o)