Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We interrupt this programme.................

.............. or should that say 'stitching' ..............

to weather watch!

The weather in the South West has been very peculiar

Rain, Rain, Rain!!!

Storms, Storms, Storms!!!

The Somerset Levels which are a low lying area of the county about five miles to the east of the town where I live have been flooded since before Christmas

Farmers have had to evacuate their stock as their entire farms have been covered in water

Households and in fact entire villages are under water

The main 'A' road between the town we live and the place where Nigel used to work has been closed for almost two months

This photo shows you a business at the side of the road before and after the flooding - the water is currently over 10 feet deep

The ground is so saturated that any puff of wind blows down trees

This morning when I arrived at work I parked at the side of the road

I considered reversing another couple of yards back down the road and something stopped me

Thank heavens it did

This is what I came out to at lunchtime when I came home

A bit too close for comfort

Just the weather for hunkering down in front of the fire and getting down to some stitching

Sadly the Met Office seem to think we're in for more of the same for the foreseeable future