Monday, September 03, 2012

As the summer draws to a close..........

..........and the Autumn term began this morning, I'm looking back at the products of my summer break from work  -  I've had a horrid bout of shingles on believe it or not my right foot and having that diagnosed explains why I've felt so very ropy over the summer, the post-herpetic nerve pain in that foot is still giving me some trouble - however I have managed a bit of stitching over the holidays.

Louise's friend Lucy had a birthday and so for her present we did a transformation job on one of those canvas bags they give away at trade fairs.  Lucy loves red,white and blue so a quick trawl through my stash came up with lots of plaids to contrast with a length of pretty cotton lace. 

They say fair exchange is no robbery - I stitched and Louise made me lunch - poached eggs on toast - I've never been able to cook up a decent poached egg -  but obviously she has developed the knack.

 We appear to have a bit of a bulge in the birth rate in the staff at school at present.  I always love the excuse to make a baby quilt and all our 'school offspring' receive one.  The wife of our Year 5 teacher is expecting around Christmas time - at the break for the summer holidays we were unsure what flavour it will be.  So I though I'd make two, one bluish and another pinkish - after all it's never a bad idea to have a spare one in stock.
 I pinched this idea from Kate - it still needs borders admittedly - amazing how nice a simple design can look  - however I have discovered today that the little one will be a girl so this top is destined for the 'waiting for a recipient' pile
 The Year 1 teacher is going on maternity leave in three weeks time - she is definitely having a girl - so this friendship star top is ready for sandwiching with a lovely soft piece of flannelette backing - better get a move on - time and tide (and maternity leave) wait for no-one

And finally this morning, on our return to school, I found out the the Year 1's maternity cover teacher has found out she is also expecting at the beginning of February - must be something in the water - so maybe the blue and beige top will come in handy after all - she hasn't found out the flavour of hers yet
But onto other projects too - Sarah's friend will be 21 at Christmas so I dragged out a Bonnie pattern part finished top I made ages ago in plaids and neutrals - a quick scrappy neutral 5" border and we're good to go with some applique to finish the job

But given the fact that the first teacher goes on maternity leave very soon I guess I'd better work out some priorities for which to do first..............