Saturday, February 27, 2010

baby steps....................

Okay before that startles anyone thinking we might be expecting the patter of tiny feet - stop right now
As a woman teetering on the brink of her 50th birthday at the end of April I'm not referring to human babies but to my re-entry into the world of stitching

I've barely picked up a needle since before Christmas when it was under duress to complete Christmassy things that I felt obliged to bring to fruition like this wallhanging for the Secret Santa at work

The most inspiring thing I've stitched since Christmas has been Cashes Name Tapes on the kids clothes - not particularly creative, just on of those jobs we have to do

But in the same way that Mother Nature is starting to waken with crocuses on the roundabouts in town and buds are just starting to appear on the dormant shrubs I have started to feel the slightest twinge of a desire to sew

My sewing room is shoulder deep in detritus - when you're not working somewhere regularly it's amazing how easily those items of mine from around the house that the other family members see fit to dump on my table can mount up.
So a new project wasn't even coming close to dream status never mind reality

But tucked away amongst the piles and PILES of jumbled up sewing stuff - fabric, threads, baskets of half assembled block components, clothes that need mending/altering, haberdashery, sewing notions, etc, etc, - are you getting a handle on the size and magnitude of this mess here? - I found something I could just pick up and add to........... (scroll down to the first picture)

As luck would have it I'd already cut out a large quantity of red circles ready for gathering stitches around the edge in preparation for pressing over a metal washer to set the shape for appliqueing onto the vines

So off we go......................................

I wouldn't say I'm up to my usual productivity rate - not by a long way, but at least I now feel like picking up a needle and doing something stitchy
As I said at the beginning..................

baby steps............................