Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another name done and ideas for a new project

I'm feeling a little flat this afternoon - DH has headed off to Bristol airport this afternoon to catch a flight to Hamburg til late Tuesday for work. As you can see I have another man in the house already - a certain Mr Djibril Cisse ex Liverpool Football Club but he's only here in fabric you understand :o)

While I realise that lots of you out there have your husband away on business trips for much longer than a couple of nights I just hate it when he's away - having been widowed in a previous relationship at only 29 years old I'm never totally comfortable until he's back safely in the comfort of our own home.

To add insult to injury, not only have I not been and would love to visit Hamburg, but tomorrow afternoon/evening he will meet up with our very good friends who live in Lubeck about 20 minutes away so you can understand why I'm feeling especially jealous about this particular trip

He was in a really good mood before his departure - it will do him a power of good to get out of the office for the time apart from anything else - so I took full advantage and got him to pass my fabric boxes down from the loft so I could make some selections for the next project I'm planning

The ladies at my Monday morning quilt group have been quite taken with my different Ostriches and medallion quilts. So much so they asked why don't we make a quilt of this type adding another 'bit' to it once every one or two months. So I agreed to set something up for them

The options will be very flexible - the quilt could be a medallion style, different blocks like a sampler, or a row quilt. The colours, style and size will be completely at the maker's discretion

Everyone seemed a little nonplussed when given the option to do exactly what they wanted for their base piece and asked for a theme. So I gave them the option of either something of their choice or if lacking inspiration then the theme of 'Stars'

Of course once I'd announced all this last Monday I then realised I ought to do something myself. I don't really fancy yet another medallion so decided to do a row-by-row quilt instead which will probably turn out single bed sized as each row will be about 6" x 36" to start off with and we will probably have seven sections which will of course need something between them in my case.

Again colours didn't spring easily to mind but looking at Jeanne's blog and Norma's blog the primitive, folk art colours they've worked on some of their applique quilts really appealed

So I've dug out a washing basket full of sands, beiges, browns, greens, reds and purples all in what the lady from one of my old LQS's - The Pumpkin Patch - would have called 'muddy' colours - Siobhan this one could be a good stopping off point for you as it's not far from Cheltenham

So I guess I ought to put away these footballers and get on with something a little more celestial


Patti said...

Love the fabrics - muddy, primitive, antique colors are my very favorites also!

Hedgehog said...

Can't wait to see that row quilt evolve. I've never done one, but it sounds fun - another one for the list!

Fiona said...

I like the idea of a row quilt - my daughter wants a quilt and I'm thinking of just making one up row by row and seeing how it goes.

Tonya R said...

Letters looking fab as always - glad you're getting time to sew. The ostrich sounds fun - I'm partial to stars too.

Lily said...

He'll be back soon - very soon in fact by the time I got around to posting this comment!

I think the idea of rows for a single bed is a good one. Love the look of it so far :)