Monday, September 25, 2006

Look what you can do with hexagons

Well the none quilty picture is of Lou doing a pretty passable impersonation of me on the pier at Weston last weekend! - except I don't stick out my tongue :o)

The other two photos show one of the quilts at the show - if you look closely you can see that the centre section has been constructed of hexagons, albeit some of them sub-pieced first. The hexagons were about 2.5" across and it worked very well indeed. It puts me in mind of a scene of an Italian coastal village and it wasn't until I took a closer look that I realised it was hexagons.

I'm at home today as DS got up this morning with a horrid temperature that liquid paracetamol just didn't touch at all. Fortunately he's improved as the day has gone on, thank goodness, but I was more than a bit concerned earlier in the day as it's just not like him to even admit to feeling under the weather. Obviously not your typical man :o)

If he carries on improving at this rate he should be back to school tomorrow. Thank goodness if he is as I have the Area Finance Officer coming in to work to show me some of the more complicated ropes - this should at least make me feel like I'm starting to know what I'm doing. I do keep telling myself that at this time next year I shall look back and wonder what all the fuss was about but it is hard to keep that level of perspective when you're continually firefighting in your first few months

However, on the stitching front, today has been a bonus as I've just snuggled on the sofa with my boy merrily handstitching a bit more on my Ostrich - every cloud has that little silver lining.


Katjaquilt said...

I love to piece hexagons and this is quite a fantastic idea to use them, not only as a grandmother's flowergarden. Are the houses appliqued?

Shelina said...

You can't even tell that they are hexagones. Here's hoping that your son is getting better.

Lily said...

Hope your son is feeling better soon. It's going around - Romy is sick too! (Just kidding but you know what I mean)

Very cute idea with the hexagons :)

Dawn said...

That quilt is so neat with the hexagons! Thanks for sharing those. But I did have a good laugh at you on the beach!!! :) That picture is really funny!