Monday, September 11, 2006

A Group Challenge

The quilt group I belong to re-convened for the autumn term this morning. It was lovely to catch up again with all the other ladies and exchange summer stories.

The last meeting we had was about a month ago, the day after our show in August.

At this meeting one of the ladies brought in a box of precut 3.5" squares in two types of dark brown patterned cotton - you can see examples of them in one of the photos. Very 70's and not the prettiest fabrics you'd see.

They had been given to her along with a pile of stuff donated for fundraising in aid of the local hospice. The box was quite large and there were lots and lots of pieces in there.

We spent a little time deliberating what should be done with them as it was felt they would probably languish unselected in the Hospice's thrift shop and eventually get thrown away.

So as everyone was looking but not suggesting I took the bull by the horns and challenged everyone to take some home and come back with a block which would eventually be joined together into a quilt for the Hospice to use for fundraising or whatever. Everyone who took some squares put in £1 towards the Hospice and took them home to work their own particular magic

The block requirements were - any type of block; 12.5" unfinished; must use both brown patterned fabrics somewhere; one other colour plus cream fabric allowed within the block

The picture of four blocks shows you a selection of the blocks returned - isn't it funny how people given squares can often only see squares - but they are returned and fit the criteria (we may have to do a little adjustment on size but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

Ultimately we'll probably sash them with cream 1.5 - 2" sashings and cornerstones in one of the patterned browns

The one with the hexagons is my first contribution - it looks a little odd as it's all appliqued on but not actually cut to size yet as I can't get near the cutting mat.

I quite fancy having a go at a foundation pieced block and maybe a dresden plate too - we'll see! What would you do with 3.5" squares of ugly brown 70's patterned fabric? It'll certainly be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.


Clare said...

I like the pale blue block top right and the orange one below it, and the picture below. Dark material like that needs bright showy colours to set it off and break up the monotony.

The brown material reminds me of French interiors. They are stuck in the 70's with everything very dark brown and orange. Some of the wallpapers I have seen are unbelieveable!

Clare x

Hedgehog said...

I must admit, I kind of like the brown retro fabrics. Maybe b/c I'm a child of the 70s! It will be very fun to see what everyone comes up with. How many people are participating?

Linda_J said...

HMMM, what would I do with those prints? Kinda masculine colors, 4-6 inch bowties. Bear paws?? Jacob's Ladder?

Make a big squared trip around the world so I could inject some other colors in there---orange, green blue etc--oops, that would be a whole quilt and not a sampler block.

Why, are you sending us all some to make a block too, LOL? Now that would be a challenge!

quiltpixie said...

its neat to see you think beyond a square when given a square :-)

Patti said...

First I'd add a bunch of other fabrics to them. Then I think I'd make scrapaholic blocks - I had so much fun piecing those this past weekend. They are very quick to piece - I had 54 after about 1 1/2 days cutting and sewing.

Jeanne said...

Hi Anne!
Just catching up on blog reading here -- I always enjoy a 'visit' with you! Your writing just makes me giggle, all the Brit phrases. Glad your new job seems to be good, and that the kids are settling into school. Hugs to your older daughter -- it's sooooo hard to be a teen.

Fiona said...

Now if it were me ... those squares would just have to become triangles.

Carol said...

Just discovered your blog. Very cute writing - you're probably a laugh a minute in person! I'm a new Maverick and am getting to know my way around the ring.

Anne Wigfull said...

Oh dear!It's a lovely idea but I would think anyone connected to a hospice would prefer something a little more cheerful than brown. Couldn't you increase the additional colours allowed? Of all the blocks shown I think your hexagon one is the only cheerful one. Small Dresden plates or fans could be quite happy with an injection of a zinger and not just the obvious ones. Better still, piece all the squares together for the backing of an altogether more cheerful quilt. But that's only one person's opinion, lots of people like brown otherwise the manufacturers wouldn't still be producing brown fabrics. I know this, I bought 5 metres of what I thought was navy background but someone's monitor lied.

Lily said...

Oh Anne I am so glad the third picture was your block - I liked that one the best as soon as I saw it. Beautiful work! And you made those 70s browns look beautiful. SO where's the funky bee to go with it?