Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well almost my first week done :o)

Well this week has turned into a very pleasant whirlwind

The three children - posing here on holiday in Devon - unusual to get a really good one of all three of them without one making bunny ears behind anothers head or pulling a face! - are all back and settled well into school.

Despite our reservations the two youngest are coping brilliantly being in the same class - I suppose with 35 children it isn't too difficult to find space away from each other when necessary.

DD1 is starting her big two GCSE years and finding it all a bit daunting, tears, strops and gentle lack of self-belief have surfaced this week - lots of encouragement, empathy and pep talking from us parents been happening and will no doubt continue for a while

Personally I can't remember any of that self doubt - too damned cocky for my own good probably - but I'm sure there is much more pressure on kids to do well these days and I'm not sure if we, as a nation, have actually pitched the approach to that at quite the right level. Still all you can do is go with the flow, encourage and empower, and provide a fun relaxing home and out of school environment to ease their way into adulthood. Nobody tells you any of this at ante-natal classes though do they?

My job seems to have started well, of course it's early days, but having a four hour day with minimal travelling is really lovely as I can fit in chores like hanging out washing and preparing tea around it. I feel like a complete novice and in some ways I am as my experience is limited but the school is aware of all that and took me on on that basis. They are encouraging me to ask for all the help I need and letting me go on any course I find that is relevant so what more can you ask for?

The lady I share the office is an untidy monkey - and that's being kind - this will gently have to change but she's a really nice person, seems totally amenable to being organised and appears to welcome any gentle overtures I've hinted about reorganisation so again what more can you ask for?

The fabric I've pictured above is four fat quarters of hand dyed cotton I picked up at the craft fair on holiday. They were in a basket of at least 50 different pieces and had I not had the Ober-leutnant of Capital Expenditure breathing over my shoulder I could have easily have brought the lot home!

The colours of these four don't match at all and I've no idea what I shall use any of them for but they were just so delicious I don't care and will be happy to get them out and just stroke them from time to time until inspiration kicks in :o)

I particularly love the orange/yellow and could have bought a bolt if it had been there - I'm never usually a citrus colour person but this really did appeal

Quilting wise it's been very quiet over the past few days - last weekend saw me complete any machining I shall do on my Ostrich. This is as big as it gets! But there is lots of applique to do and I can pick that up in dribs and drabs in an evening chipping away at it gradually - the picture's a little distorted as my little elves are at school and the wind wasn't playing ball but you get the drift :o)

Right I'd better put out that second load of washing before I get changed and go to work - day off tomorrow and Monday - Yippee!


tami said...

Love the Ostrich quilt. You have done beautiful work.
I have often said that I so wished my children had been born with instruction manuals. It didn't have to include everything just the highlights. "This one is going to be a ballerina. It's OK if she doesn't go to college." I have agonized so much over some big decisions like that one and you never know if you made the right choice. I supposed we all just do the best we can with what we've got at the time.

Screen Door said...

Enjoy your extra days off. What fun!!! Your kids are beautiful. No-- things aren't like they were when we were kids. I spent last night working on Chemistry with my daughter and I thought...once I was in high school-- I can't remember My Mom ever help with school books....

KCQuilter said...

Sounds like the four of you are off to a smooth start with school! Love the hand-dyes.

Tracey said...

Beautiful fabric!! And I love the pic of your children. In 10 years, we'll wonder why we were so worried. maybe in 20 years. ;o)

quiltpixie said...

I'm so glad the kids and you are all settling into school September can be so stressful for everyone with the abrubt changes in schedule, the new expectations from people and the general chaos. Taking the time to let everyone adjust is so important.

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear the new school year is starting (mostly) smoothly for you all. Those hand-dyes are gorgeous - enjoy them while you wait for inspiration to strike :)

Fiona said...

The ostrich is looking good. Why are your youngest two in the same class? Is there less than a year between them? (Sorry, that has come out like an interrogation - didn't mean it to!)

Linda_J said...

what lovely children, Anne

Judy said...

It's looking well and I can't wait to see all sorts of little butterflies dancing all over the outer borders!

The kids look just sweet as pie! Glad tyou caught them at a good moment!

My french teacher always told us (she lived in France for years) that the french will NOT speak english to you unless you at least try to speak some French. Then they can be very nice and helpful