Friday, September 15, 2006

A germ of an idea for the cot quilt

Well this has got to be the oddest colour combination for a cot quilt ever!

I had to go into town yesterday straight from school

DS desperately needed new football boots - so much so they rubbed a blister clean off during last Saturday's match (which they won 7-2 despite the boots I might add). Daddy usually does the sports shopping - Mummy isn't up on sports really so gently slope-shoulders that one onto Dad!

However Daddy is very, very stressed out with work at the moment (so much so I'm getting very concerned and thinking of dragging him down to our Doctors, but that's another story) So the long and the short of it is I ended up taking DS and DD2 into town shopping straight from school while DD1 was playing netball after school.

Now some of you may know I'm seriously allergic to any type of shopping that doesn't involve raw fabric - by this I mean off the bolt or out of the FQ basket. Made up fabric ie clothes doesn't hit the spot at all - probably because finding anything for a dwarf who is wider than tall is an almost impossibility! (Tongue slightly in cheek here but you get my drift!)

So to make this arduous ordeal anything like bearable I just had to walk through Magdalene Passage to get to the sports shop.

Surprise, Surprise! What should be down this innocent little snicket (as we called them in Yorkshire) or alleyway as the rest of the world knows them................. Fine Fabrics.............Quelle surprise!!!

Now bearing in mind that I was too mean to put more than one hour's parking on the car, how amazing is it that I managed to pick up one and a quarter metres of the mottled burgundy in the picture. (To all you girls over the other side of the pond the £8.20 (that's about $15) per metre it retailed at meant that this was all I could justify spending - so count yourself lucky fabric is so cheap with you :o)

All done in the twinkling of an eye before the two youngsters even started to get bored.

Anyway to cut a long story short the football boots were sought out, tried on and purchased - a major miracle as I hate the shop with its crammed together racks and inordinately loud music (another reason why DH usually takes him) plus we nipped into the bookshop for DS2 to spend her pocket money on a new book she's been wanting for a while.

A short cut back to the car through one of the big high street stationers which enabled me to pick up next years big family kitchen calendar plus a quilting magazine rounded off a very productive and quite painless trip :o)))))

And to round things off very nicely DH even agreed to bring down my 'black' and 'white' fabric boxes without any moaning - now that is definitely a result at the moment.

So having a good rummage through I came out with the above. I would have liked a nice white on white but have no yardage at all even in different FQ's which I would have been happy to use - so the white will be this slightly shimmery fabric which I'm sure will do fine once it's cut up and in amongst the other colours. The black has little mid grey stars on just to break it up a bit and make it look less funereal.

I was browsing among my many quilting books last night and happened upon a simple pattern which is so simple it can almost hardly be called a pattern

I intend to make four patches with the black and burgundy and then in turn four patch those with white squares

I'll make sure I arrange them with all the blacks going on one diagonal and all the burgundies the other

Then dependant upon how much fabric I have left I'll just do plain borders in the three around the outside

Well that's a nice simple plan which should look quite effective but not too overpowering with the dark colours

Then I might just random quilt it with TRFC which stands for Taunton Rugby Football Club. Not quite as bizarre as it sounds as both the baby's parents have played for the club, mum is the Fillies coach and dad is the groundsman who looks after the pitches etc

So watch this space! Creative juices starting to seep if not in full flow quite yet

PS The one thing I forgot to mention is that the baby is known to be a boy and they intend to name him Jack so at least I don't have the added complication of making the quilt look girlie in these colours - phew!


quiltpixie said...

gotta love it when the inspiration muse starts to sprinkle her idea dust over your head...

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah - you had a great idea for a quilt from an odd starting point! Looking forward to seeing the quilt take shape :)

Judy said...

Can't wait to see it all come together! I wonder why fabrics are so expensive over there? ANy known reason??

Lily said...

Anne you got so much done in one hour!! LOL at being too mean to put more money in the metre - I am like that too.

WEll done on the fabric shop - that quilt will be beautiful - great colours for a little boy!

Fabrics are expensive here in Australia too...

Hedgehog said...

Sounds like a great idea for the cot quilt!