Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A bit of a creative desert

I've come to a bit of a hiatus as far as stitching is concerned

I have several (or should that read seventy times several?) projects on the go:

Sarah's blue bullseye which is overdue now as DH has finished decorating her bedroom.

Nick's Liverpool 'Tonya lettering' quilt which I've completed half the names for

My Ostrich which needs a whole load of hand applique that I would usually delight in settling down to do

My Hexagon quilt which needs all the part hexagons for round the edge putting on - I can understand why I don't want to pick this up as they are a real pain to do but it wouldn't take very long if I put my mind to it

My scrappy bullseye - the top's complete, I have a recipient in mind for it although she doesn't know she'll receive it even though she's admired it several times - this just needs sandwiching to get it ready for machine quilting

The little green, pink and white friendship star cot quilt I played with much earlier on my blog

Lots of other UFO's that are sitting in boxes in the loft which haven't been unpacked since the move a year ago on Saturday

I just can't get myself motivated

My sewing area looks like a bomb has hit it - I know it would only take me a couple of hours or so to tidy it all up and DH would really like me to do so as he's almost ready to start work on putting in my lovely new worktop, moving the radiator etc

Maybe having to concentrate and get into the rhythm of my new job is taking up most of my mental energy

Also all the kids' activities on weekday evenings are in full swing so I often don't get back in the house to lock the door and forget the outside world until 9pm - doesn't leave much stitching time when I go to bed between 10.30 and 11.00 and like to spend a bit of time with DH as well

Plus Sarah's rugby coach is expecting a baby in about 4 - 5 weeks time and Sarah would really like me to make her a baby quilt - but, wait for it............ it's a boy and she thinks the quilt should be in the rugby club colours of white, burgundy and black! - not pressing any buttons for me I'm afraid.

Also money's very tight in the Bebbs household this year so I thought I'd get fired up and make some quilty Christmas presents for people - can't even get my head around those - bluuugh!

So in the absence of anything productive to show you I've added three more quilts from our show plus a lovely stained glass design I've picked up somewhere on the net as I've been browsing and squirrelled away in my 'Quilt Ideas' picture file for future reference.

I think it would make a lovely quilt centre if I could only get the impetus to have a go!!!


Hedgehog said...

Don't worry, if you need a break, you need a break! Don't think about all seventy(!) projects, just think about one! Or start something new and different and not your regular style. Or set up a little reward system for finishing tasks you've been putting off... Your muse will return. Maybe she just needed a nice trip to Devon of her own!

Hedgehog said...

PS White, burgundy, and black do not appeal to me, either. How about a cute top of your choosing with three big white, burgundy, and black stripes to make up the back?

Screen Door said...

And god forbid - if you need a haircut!!!! It tough balancing it all but it sounds like you do a great job---Beautiful quilts in the early pics.

Lily said...

Anne, trust me, I know where you're coming from. I am still mentally exhausted when I get home from work and it's been six weeks. Then I have to feed, bathe, boob and put Romily to bed. About all I can manage then is an hour or two of telly before pouring myself into bed. I do some stitching in front of the telly, but not a lot. And the thought of getting the machine out just turns me off. See if you can get an hour or two to yourself on Saturday morning. It seems to work for me. Good luck!

KCQuilter said...

I think quilting comes in spurts like that. Soon it will be back fullforce in your life, I'll bet. It is so hard when working outside the home, keeping up with the schedules of active children, and running a household, it's amazing ANY quilting gets done during those years!!!

Fiona said...

I wondered where you were! Seems like quite a few bloggers are experiencing a slump at the moment. The start of term is never a good time and especially with 3 kids and a new job. I have the opposite problem - I am desperate to spend more time on sewing projects at the moment but spent all day Sunday catching up on my work backlog. Don't know about you, but I'm useless after 9.00, if I sewed any pieces I'd have to unpick them the next day!

quiltpixie said...

hope that with some time to settle into you work and the kids into school things slow down enough for you to have some creative energy back. Til then enjoy your family/life, and don't worry about it :-)

Patti said...

I think you hit the nail right on the head - adjusting to a new job will through everything in your life out of sinc for awhile. Relax, don't worry and give yourself time. Everything will be there when you are ready to get back to it. You deserve some time to get comfortable with new routines.

Helen in the UK said...

Work is probably sucking your energies right now, so give it some time. Then tackle your sewing area - a good clean up might make the space more appealing. When you're feeling ready, check your UFO list and see if some things can be adapted for presents. Don't force it - the creative spirit will come back when it's ready :)

Lois R. said...

Seems like loads of bloggers are experiencing a creative desert, myself included. Just can't seem to get motivated to do anything... I'm hoping I'll get some energy soon!

Jeanne said...

For every thing there is a season ... and it's just your time to give quilting a rest right now.
{{{Hugs}}} Jeanne

Linda_J said...

Time for a break and that is perfectly okay---who has any energy for creative things at 9 p.m.? Can't keep that enthusiasm up when it too seems like a job but one day you will getting you mojo back.

Judy said...

Ah, I know the feeling much to do and no initiative to get moving on any of it!!

Just pick one project from a hat and start working!