Friday, September 15, 2006

Come on you girls!!!!!

It's probably escaped most of your notice - except possibly those of you resident there - but the Women's Rugby World Cup is currently being fought out in Canada.

After playing and beating the home nation in the semi finals last weekend the England team who are seeded #2 will meet the #1 seeds New Zealand in the final on Sunday (well almost Monday our time)

In their usual chauvinistic fashion the sports TV channels have completely ignored this competition choosing only to report on any mens rugby as per usual so sadly DD1 and the rest of the family have been unable to watch any of the girls matches - boy, do these television companies need re-educating.

Anyway I divert from the usual quilting talk to wish our girls the very very best of luck on Sunday against the opponents who beat them in the finals last time in Barcelona in 2002 and the semis the time before

The photos show the girls celebrating after their win against Canada and the action shot shows a girl called Katy Storie (blue scrum hat) barging her way out of a tackle. She is the Regional Development Manager for the South West region of the RFUW (Rugby Football Union - Women) and Sarah has met and trained under her on several occasions. Having been capped for the second string England A squad many times this tournament is the first time she's been capped for her country's main team. We especially wish her well..............GO GIRLS!!!


Lily said...

Go the girly rugger buggers!!!

What a great story - let's hope they win this time :)

joyce said...

Here I am living in Canada and I didn't know anything about the games. Hmm. If it had been a quilt-off I'm sure I would have known about it!

YankeeQuilter said...

Now I'm going to have to check out all the sports pages with a magnifying glass to find out how they did!

Ali Honey said...

The Sports coverage of most women's sport( except Netball) is just as bad here in New Zealand. Tonight they showed men's rugby and league and football, and briefly mentioned the Women's photo coverage...after all they are only the "World Champs," but they're just not blokes you see.