Friday, May 30, 2014

What a treat.................

........... Sarah was home for a few days last weekend

Since she graduated and started work on the other side of the country last year we get precious little time with her

So this weekend was extra special

She drove home on the Friday night and as he had a gig with his band on the Saturday night her boyfriend James followed her on the train on Sunday morning

They then stayed with us until their return to Essex on the Tuesday evening

Fortunately it is school half term holidays this week so we could all spend some lovely time together

Nigel is working on a long term contract for Honda in Swindon about 90 miles from home - work is work and although the commute is a pig the work is well paid and interesting.  From next week he will lodge up there for part of the week to ease the travelling.  This week the plant is closed for a scheduled shut-down so he has also been at home all week - a full house - lovely!

On Saturday the weather was absolutely vile - solid heavy rain all day

So what's a girl - or girls - to do.........

........ but quilt!

Sarah has a colleague who's expecting a baby in July

So we worked together on a quilt for her

I cut the confetti blocks

She assembled them

And then for the rest of her stay I stitched them together to make the quilt top, and then sandwiched, quilted and bound it

Et voila!!!!

All done and dusted in time for her to take back with her on the Tuesday teatime

I don't think she's necessarily a total convert - apart from anything else her life is way too busy for quilting to sneak in on it to any great extent - but it was great fun working on this project together - and she can proudly say she did some of the work when she hands it over to her friend

As for me - I have a bonus pile of opposite blocks with white triangles and batik backgrounds - another quilt in the making methinks


Plum Cox said...

Very pretty! What a productive team you were, fast work!
Glad that your DH has a contract - even if it is a long way away.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Great baby quilt!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That's that you get 2 quilts for the price of one :o)