Tuesday, May 23, 2006

3 reasons to be less cheesed off

Having spent the evening harrumphing about like a bear with a sore head because I really wanted that job I've decided before I go to bed to add to my blog the three main reasons in my life to be more cheerful - well there are six really, my lovely husband, my ageing but terrific parents who are down here staying with us for a couple of weeks and last but not least these three monsters who keep me on my toes - bless! From left to right Nick aged 10, Louise 9 and Sarah almost 14 whilst driving me scatty a lot of the time are the greatest kids you could wish for and make me glad to be alive each day (when I'm not yelling at them to get ready for school that is :o) )


Simonetta said...

Hello Anne,very beautiful your children!!!! Also my children are not never ready to go to school, in particolar way Mattia the most greater, it thinks that the school doesn't serve to very :)))))
I am always careful with him, its head is always in the clouds!!!!

Patty said...

your children are beautiful. children are indeed a blessing

Esteemarlu said...

Great looking kids. You must be busy indeed and very proud. I raised three boys and know exactly what you're going through.