Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I thought this morning I'd share with you some photos of my beautiful baby clematis in my back garden.

We only moved here last September and as is often the case with virtually new estate houses in the UK we were faced with a small square of lawn with wooden fencing all round.

We'd lived in our old house in Gloucester for over 13 years so had put lots of plants into the garden over that time and I was very sad to leave them. The many varieties of clematis were my favourites.

So the first things we planted last autumn were these little darlings and much to my delight they've come up trumps and obviously like their home with us.

The cream one is most unusual - it has the strangest pom-pom flower which is almost like a dahlia in structure. I've seen lots of double flower clematis but never one with this type of flower structure before - a real treat because the label only showed the usual single flower type.

I took the photos yesterday tea-time when the light wasn't too good - I should have waited for this morning as after all the rain over the past few days it's now glorious sunshine. However quite how long it will last will remain to be seen.

This morning I have a job interview for a school finance officer at a primary school not too far from home - I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not raising my hopes too high. It would be great to get something permanent as temping is fine if you don't mind the uncertainty and can cope with being the new girl all the time. Wish me luck!

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Patty said...

what wonderful colors ! They certainly are doing well