Thursday, May 25, 2006

Four French Quilts

When I put the title in for this posting it made me think of The Twelve Days of Christmas but there were only Three French Hens so I won't burst into song quite yet

We lived in Northern France for six months over the winter and Spring of 2001/2002 - gosh is it really that long ago

We went out there with the intention of staying for three or four years to give the three kids another valuable life skill becoming bilingual in French and English. We also thought it would be great to live in mainland Europe and be able to explore without having to cross the Channel everytime.

However this was not to be as two and a half months after moving the whole family out there lock stock and barrel my husband's emplyers kindly made him redundant.

As we had rented out our house in England we then had a three month wait until the tenants time was up

As you can imagine there was lots of spare time to kill as we waited to come home and the pictures above show you the quilts I made for the kids so they had something new to bring back to their old bedrooms and also a quilt top I'd previously made for my mum but quilted in France (the top picture is hers - she puts her quilt on her bed I obviously hang mine in the garden :o) )

All simple but effective patterns that helped to stop me from going stir crazy while waiting to be repatriated


YankeeQuilter said...

Isn't funny how we can get so worked up over really complicated patterns when simpilar ones like these can be just as stunning! I love the fabrics in the last quilt!


Linda C. said...

Classic patterns are a great relief when you're under stress.

If you like the applique tea cups, you should see my real tea pot collection! There are many, but my favorites are the English Cottage Ware. I have a whole village, complete with "ethnic neighborhood" . . . those are windmills! The collection started with my mother's, and grew.

Sorry to hear of the loss of your Purdue friend. What was the name? I know many people from Purdue. Wouldn't it be funny if we share common friends?

Linda C. said...

The world is large, as we've been told. I don't know your friends that live in West Lafayette. I think blogs are contributing to making us a global community. How else would all these quilters have ever connected?

Finn said...

Hi Anne, had to pop over and see where you blog..*VBS* I've been seeing your name, and had to check it out.
Really love the French quilts, 3 or 4, song or no song, they are lovely. I especially like the strip quilt with the dolphins at the bottom. At least I think they are dolphins..*S* I suppose they could be whales.
Keep up the great work you have's really fun and fantastic..*S*

Tonya R said...


Love the straighforward quilts. So sorry your time in France was under stressful conditions.

Patty said...

very pretty quilts and the colors and patterns all work so well together for each quilt.
Its good to have things to keep us busy when we have time to spare

Esteemarlu said...

I also like the simplicity of French quilts. I really like the dolphin quilt and the purple one. Very simple yet beautiful.You have great taste in colors.