Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Celtic Jazz and I at Malvern 2005

Well this is a photo of yours truly along side my entry for Malvern 2005. This is the only time I've put a quilt into Malvern and although it didn't win anything it was really very exciting seeing it hanging up there with the great and the good so to speak. Another nice thing is loitering about incognito while others view it and listening to their comments. Fortunately those I heard were complimentary - maybe it wouldn't be quite so pleasant if you heard someone express their dislike, although I have to say quilters are generally very nice people and seldom pass derogatory remarks.

The quilt is a background of 9 patch in subtle shades of 'school uniform' grey with a really whizzy hoffmann print made into the knotwork bias.

The main reason I've posted this today is because I really wanted to use this photo as my picture on my profile but couldn't get it to work - hey ho! - computer whizz kid I'm not.

I'm not working today - we moved to Somerset last September and I've not found a suitable permanent job here yet that fits in with my three school aged children. However I've kept more or less gainfully employed doing temporary school secretarial work covering for illness. My next placement starts on Thursday at a school I've not visited before so another steep learning curve. I do hope that I'll find something permanent before long as I left a job I loved with ideal hours and conditions when we left Gloucester. Still as my beloved husband earns almost four times what I could pull in pro rata we had to go where the money is. Other than my work situation we've really settled in well down here so hopefully the last little piece of the jigsaw will slot into place eventually.

I shall try and spend my day productively - I have some work to do on an ongoing internet quilting challenge I'm taking part in which needs some serious hand applique doing before the end of the month, plus on a far less interesting front I ought to try and clear out some of my wardrobe contents as we've a lot less capacity in this house and valuable space is being taken up by the too large (I wish)/too small (that's more like it)/wrong season clothes.

I certainly know which of these two tasks I'd rather be getting on with!


tami said...

Very nice. I have always liked Celtic quilting, but have never tried it myself. Your work is beautiful.

Rosanne said...

Wow! Your Celtic knot quilts are just gorgeous! What a lucky brother and wife!

YankeeQuilter said...

Looks like a great show and of course your quilt is beautiful! I makes me want to pull out the half-finished celtic knot project again! Siobhan

YankeeQuilter said...

I hope I got my email fixed so now you can see my email address! I'd love to hear more about England! Siobhan

Felicity said...

Hey, you have a blog!! Great to see you blogging Anne! I'm sure you will have fun and it's a great motivator. I can't help with the profile photo, my DH did it after much faffing around but I think it has to be hosted somewhere (??) Mine is on our website but I'm sure there must be an easier way.
That is a wonderful Celtic quilt BTW!