Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A day out for DH

Thankfully Monday turned out to be a bright sunny day, if a little chilly, as the great north wind was still taking the edge off our late spring temperatures.

When my DH announced we should go out for the day again the kids groaned audibly. He countered this with "You might have a week off, but I only get one day's holiday" - so he won (quite rightly so)

His choice was a visit to a light railway about 45 minutes from here over the other side of Somerset almost on the Dorset border. It is a private concern basically in someone's (very large) back garden and is only open to the public about four times a year.

The trains are tiny on a 20" guage track and it's a bit like riding a toy-town train. My husband walked round all afternoon with a look on his face like the cat that got the cream. He's just about as nuts about trains (particularly steam) as I am about quilting.

The kids have been subjected to all this from a very early age and have probably been thoroughly put off by now - they all travelled on preserved lines 'in utero'.

There reaction now whenever we stop the car on a day out is "Oh not another train/quilt shop" Philistines!!!

The picture in the carriage shows the three of them with my mum and dad - a bit of nifty foot work there meant we got to ride on our own in a different carriage - well you've got to take some 'us - time' whenever you can get it - no matter how brief!

The weather spoilt itself once we got home - probably precipitated by DH getting out the barbecue. Still the lamb and mint burgers and gorgeous pork sausages from our neighbourhood farm shop tasted just as good done in the oven and without those little (or not so little) black bits - gotta be a bonus :o)

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