Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today's Work in Progress

Here in Taunton I belong to a small cosy sit and sew group who meet on a Monday morning which I attend as work allows, plus amonthly evening group called Somerset County Quilting which is a more formal 'speaker' type group.
On top of that I also belong to a yahoo internet group and this work in progress is for a challenge being set by them.
It's a sort of round robin that you do all the work so it doesn't leave your sticky little mitts.
We did the same last year and it was such fun that I am actually doing two separate ones for this year! - glutton for punishment or what?
The photos show you my 'sofa throw'. My other piece of work will eventually be a wall hanging made up of 4" blocks in long independant strips hung together on a pole - or that's the plan anyway.
This month's challenge is applique which for me is a breeze - I just love hand applique using freezer paper on top, but I really struggled with an idea for the motifs. Still unsure as to whether I'm really happy with what I'm doing and may change it yet, but didn't want to do flowers as they were my interpretation of last month's challenge of paper (see the english pieced hexagons on the previous round)
The more I look at this, the more I feel I should take them all off and do butterflies instead - they are my very favourite thing and the squiggles and stars just look so disjointed. Watch this space!
Decisions, decisions!

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