Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The first quilt I completed

Today has been a strange day - I'm still feeling more than a little sore about being passed over for the job yesterday and then at work today the Headteacher was out of school for the day and forgot to leave me keys to all the filing cabinets and cupboards so the things I was able to achieve were a strange mix and not really what she had left me to do - very jumbled and disjointed today!

Accordingly I've not really felt much like stitching apart from doing a little work on my ongoing hexagons which didn't need much brain capacity. Still each one I put together is one closer to finishing it and being able to drape it over the back of my sofa and show you all.

So I thought I'd post a picture of the first ever quilt I made which is a sampler quilt in my favourite colour combination of teal and terracotta.

I started it at the quilting group I used to go to in Gloucester and it was there that they awoke my greatest love by teaching me hand applique with freezer paper on top. It also taught me celtic knotwork with homemade bias, grandmother's fan and stained glass applique to name a few.

This is still one of my favourite quilts even though it lives in a bag in a cupboard as I've never really found a home for it. I just get it out now and again to stroke and stare at and enjoy :o)


Fiona said...

Wow, you must have been born to quilt if that is your first ever one!

Ali Honey said...

Pleased to meet you via my Blog. Just love the colours in your 1st quilt.I'll add you to my list to come back and visit.
Hope you get a choice job really soon.
That red clemitis is to die for. Wow!
Cheers from Alison in NZ.

Patty said...

Its strange for me to read your blog and see the names of places such as Gloucester, Taunton and such because I grew up in Massachusetts USA and it really is New England as some of the towns near my home were Taunton, Gloucester and my Grandparents were born in Somerset, Price Edward Island Canada.