Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And here's one I made earlier

In the UK we have a children's tv programme called Blue Peter. My kids love it and it's been going in various guises for so long it's older than me - I remember watching it avidly as a child too. It's a magazine type programme with news, music, presenters doing lots of activites and often they show recipes and crafty things to make.

As they demonstrate making something at each stage they miraculously pull a version completed to the next stage from under the work surface with a flourish and the phrase "Here's one I made earlier" - hence the title of my post.

This little quilt is literally one I made earlier - over the christmas holidays of 2004 to be precise - we're a far flung family and so we seldom all get together for Christmas as my parents hate travelling in the winter, my siblings have other family commitments and I just can't bear the thought of extended time with my SIL who comes as part of the package at my DH's parents - so it tends to be a family nucleus type time (just DH, me and the kids) which is great and gives us all lots of spare time for all of us to indulge in a bit of R and R

This quilt measures about 24" x 18" and was made specifically with this little bit of wall as its destination. My favourite colours again in the dining room of the old house - which doubled up as the computer room and sewing room - we're really good at multi purpose rooms in this family :o)

I love the way the terracotta cornerstones seem to float in mid air

I might put this up on the wall near my sewing station in this house too as I still love it even though it won't really go with the finished decor in here.


Tracey said...

Anne, you are one busy and productive quilter aren't you? And your flower garden?? BEAUTIFUL! :o)

You had asked about the size of my log cabins...they will finish out at 3.5". So, to make a queen sized quilt, I need 700 of them. That's why I decided to make it a year long 'adventure' and make 2 a day instead of torturing myself with trying to get to 700 in a couple weeks. ;o)

Thanks for stopping over at my blog!

Dawn said...

I love it Anne! We have a TV show like that over here on public tv also - my kids always are "trying out" the project at home and making a mess. It is always easier on TV isn't it!