Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dressmaking instead

This is a picture of my first baby, Sarah - she's now almost 14 years old and pictured here just before her father and I took her to her presentation evening for - wait for it - RUGBY!

Believe me she doesn't look anything like as glamorous on a Sunday afternoon covered in mud and bruises.

We were so proud of her last night - she is retiring captain of the Under 14's ladies team at our local rugby club here in Taunton. In that capacity she had to make a speech and present a gift of flowers to their lady coach. In addition to this she was awarded the trophy for 'best back of the year'

She has had an awesome couple of years since she started the sport - last year at her old club in Gloucester she was selected to play for the South West North region and they won the inaugural national championships. This year in Somerset she represented the County where they won the South West Counties championship and she went onto represent the region again where they were runners up in the plate competition in the nationals. We have just found out that she has been one of only 10 girls selected from her regional squad to go onto a personal development academy on two separate Saturdays this summer.

The dressmaking title refers to her skirt which I sweated blood over as it was an awkward fit over the hips and my absence from dressmaking for over 15 years really challenged me with the side zip. She should have had a matching halter necked top in the orange satin but after spending all last weekend on the dratted thing I just couldn't get it to fit at all and ended up putting matching trimmings on the black top you see her wearing here.

As you can imagine the experience has put me right off dressmaking and it was a real pleasure to return to patchwork where the only worries are if it lies flat and do the points match!

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Fiona said...

Hi Anne, nice to see a quilting blogger from the UK - there don't seem to be too many of them!