Monday, May 22, 2006

Hungarian Roof Tiles and fabric

I'm a great believer in fate and everything being meant to be - how's this for fortuitous

Because of work committments - as a temp I have to take work when it's offered as you never know when the next dry spell will crop up - I've had to miss my quilting 'sit and sew' group today.

At the weekend the lady who runs the group phoned to prewarn everyone she'd be bringing in some bolts of fabrics at a fiver a metre - a supplier near where she lives is having a sale at present. As I knew I wouldn't be there I just passed an envelope with £10 in it and asked a friend to surprise me with the resultant four half metres.

When she called round this evening with the fabric look what she brought - all I need is a conker brown and a cream to get cracking on my hungarian roof tile quilt I showed you the inspiration for the other day

Obviously meant to be!

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