Monday, May 29, 2006


Just thought I'd show you a couple of little quilts that used to sit on the back of my sofa and armchair in the old house. They're redundant now as the colour scheme is different here and sadly wall space is also at a premium so I don't really have anywhere to hang them.

The left hand one is made of two colourways of the same checked fabric - I had the green for donkey's years and so couldn't resist the raspberry shade to go with it when I spotted it in the shop and I made this little chap in a nine patch and snowball pattern - don't look too closely at the points because there's no way they all match up. The hearts are hand appliqued afterwards

The centre of the other one was a sample from when I very first started that I dug out of the back of a drawer, added some borders and finished up for the sofa back.

Today looks like it will be a lovely sunny day here in Taunton if a little cool - but this is a minor miracle having sunshine in the UK on a bank holiday. Usually we get a lovely week or two in the run up and then rain for the holiday weekend. Guess we'll have to subject the kids to another day out with the grandparents exploring the area again - shame :o)


Linda_J said...

Lovely quilts, Anne. Lovely children and flowers as well. I see you have just started blogging this month so welcome to the blogging world! I appreciate the comments you left on mine about the holiday weekend being called "Bank Holiday"

I dare say that a lot of people will not be going to the cemetaries to decorate the graves or going to a Memorial Day parade here in the States. Like yours becoming "that long holiday in May" and losing the religious implications, ours is more like the 3 day weekend that marks the unofficial start of summer. Cookouts, sales, etc and anything but what it was meant to be, sadly.

Fiona said...

I love the colours on those quilts - pink and green are one of my favourite combinations. Sound like you are luckier with the weather in Taunton -here in Leicester today it rains, then the sun shines, then it rains, then the sun shines....

Patty said...

very pretty and I love the colors.
I enjoyed reading your blog and will be checking back often