Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Butterflies - definitely my favourite things

It's a holiday weekend here in the UK - 'Spring Bank Holiday' we call it - originally it was tied in with Whitsuntide or the Christian festival of Pentecost but as the majority of the UK are non-church goers it's now really just 'that long weekend at the end of May'. As is so often the case here with our changeable weather it can be glorious throughout the weeks leading up and then cool and damp over the holiday. This was definitely the case yesterday.

We have my parents staying with us for a couple of weeks which is lovely as they live over 2oo miles away so we don't get to see them very much. As we only moved to the area last September and haven't explored too far yet my DH decided yesterday afternoon he was going stir-crazy hanging about the house so we should all pile into our 7 seater and go out for a drive (much to the children's disgust as that is not their idea of fun). We did attempt this last time they were down in November with the same result - it drizzled all afternoon once we got out of the end of our road so all 'view-watching' was severely restricted because of the mizzle outside and the heavy breathing within the car - good to explore the area but a bit of a waste of valuable stitching time in my book!

Then in the evening I was baby-sitting for my friend close by so spent my time getting some more work done on my hexagon project - boy don't other people have uncomfortable sofas though - I can certainly feel my back this morning!

As I don't have anything to show of this project - I'm determined not to post a picture until the top is finished (what an incentive to get a move on), and I'm getting there fast - I've put in pictures of a quilt I made from a block swap from an internet group.

The remit was just a butterfly block of a standard size and I made nine in reverse applique so got nine different ones back.

The parcel landed on my doorstep just after we returned to the UK from our 6 months in France and I sat on them for over two years not knowing quite what to do with them.

Then the New Year before last we were having a quiet night in with the kids (you know the scenario, too young to take out but impossible to get a sitter) and I just took it into my head to put it all together.

I think the thing stopping me before was the decision on sashing as all the blocks are various colours but I just found a fabric in a colour that I really loved and went for it.

The scattered butterflies were my simple 'two hearts' pattern in some lemon space dyed fabric I'd done myself and this is the result - hope you like it


KCQuilter said...

Those butterflies are lovely! We have already had a fair share of monarchs and swallowtails visiting our backyard this May! Couldn't help but notice the words "Ridgeway, Missouri" on your close-up butterfly pic. I am from Missouri!!! Small world.

Fiona said...

I think I like the little lemon butterflies as much as the blocks themselves - they certainly add a bit of movement to the quilt.

anne bebbington said...

If I remember correctly the lady organising the swap was called Gretchen Garrett and came from Ridgeway MO, six other ladies were from other places in Missouri, one lady from Colville WA (forgive my ignorance but as a Brit I'm never sure of your State abbreviations) and the ninth block came from Queensland, Australia

YankeeQuilter said...

Anne, love the color on the sashing. We have a holiday/long weekend too...ours is Memorial Day. I am inside quilting because of weather too...only because it is tooo hot. 95+ degrees and so humid my hair fizzes and my sunglasses fog before I can even get to the car!

anne bebbington said...

There's one thing about it Siobhan - you won't get that sort of temperature and humidity this side of the pond :o)

Ali Honey said...

The butterflies are bright and pretty as butterflies should be.( nice swap) I especially like the colours in the quilt below this - the green and blue one hanging in the tree...lovely blend of wonderful colours. I enjoy hearing what is happening over in UK as I have my younger son living and working in London. Cheers Alison.

Linda said...