Friday, July 07, 2006

And next on the hexagon front

Some one asked how many hexagons there are in my turquoise cream and sand quilt on my last posting - I'm not sure exactly but last night I counted a row in each direction and both were about 60 patches so multiplied up and taking into consideration my final border I reckon there will be almost 4000 patches in the finished item. I usually take out the paper on each piece as soon as the whole piece is surrounded and then re-use the papers as I go along - I make them out of old birthday and christmas cards so they're reasonably robust for repeat use.

Someone else asked how long I'd been putting it together - the answer to that is I started between Christmas and New Year this last winter so around 6 - 7 months in total

I've loved every bit of it even the tedious bits like the cream background when squaring up the shape and as I said I shall really miss it when it's finished - it's been so handy to just pick up and do a little bit in the evening when I've been watching the tv - I love handwork and find the television a terrible waste of time to just watch without something constructive in my hands - also I've covered papers on car journeys and in hospital waiting rooms so it's a great time filler - mind you I've had more than a few funny looks - nothing like as many people on this side of the pond stitch at all and people over here are way too reserved to strike up a conversation to ask what I'm doing - sadly!

The photos show some inspiration for the next hexagon project - it will probably be in smaller pieces - the church is in Budapest - I think I've probably shown some of you it before - all the roof tiles are ceramic glazed in lovely colours and shine in the sun - this wasn't the only building with them on but it was the most spectacular. The inside of the church was all painted in patterns into the plaster everywhere in the most fabulous intricate designs and amazingly you were quite at liberty to photograph as much as you liked so I took loads - plenty of inspiration for applique among them - I'll show you those another time.

The quilt is one I spotted a couple of years ago at a local group show in Gloucestershire and shows that there is more to hexagons than Grandmothers Flower Garden which can get a bit samey

Maureen on 'Maureen's World' at - sorry I haven't mastered links yet - shows the most awesome hexagon quilts by a man called Albert Small - one of his quilts had hexagons measuring only quarter inch across - truly amazing - some fabulous inspiration for different patterns there

Last night I finished the beige border and made a small start on the turquoise one - tonight we're out at DD1's regional rugby presentation do so not much stitching will be done then but I have a quiet weekend otherwise so I should start quilting 'The Brute' and maybe get some more hexagons in too - we'll see :o) Have a great weekend all!


quiltpixie said...

What a lovely project to have in the planning stages. I'm envious of you being able to sustain interst for the numbers of hours to do such an intricate hexagon quilt. I'm one of those that need to see results quickly so need either very small projects or ones easily broken into more manageable stages to have "success" in completing them :-)

Judy said...

Very cool pictures, and ALbert Small's quilt was unbelieveable! You didn't realize but just writing the links out like that makes them links all by themselves!!LOL!

Good work on the hexagons. Mine was broing to start and once I get it finsihed I might make another more interesting one with wild colors!

Screen Door said...

I agree with you on the television thing...quilting is like a permission slip to watch it. Lighting is an issue at our house everyone wants to watch tv in the dark... but they bought me an OTT light so that I can see. They pick at me and tell me I'm working on my suntan while I quilt!!!
Have a fun weekend

computerpeach said...

That roof is just amazing and would make a wonderful hex pattern!!

kcamou said...

Those pictures are so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing so beauty!

ForestJane said...

Even SMALLER hexagons for your next project? Whew.

I get looks in waiting rooms too - so I usually say something like, "Would you like to see what I'm doing?" with a big friendly smile. And nobody has EVER said no... lol

Tonya R said...

Great inspiration. Glad your blog is back safely - I've never come across that blank white screen before. Scary.