Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Half of the names done now - on the downhill straight :o)

Well just look at this - half of my boys finished with only seven to go! Jose Pepe Reina and Steve Finnan were under the needle last night as the poor old Germans went out to those two incisive Italian goals. I should think it'll almost be a day of national mourning in Germany today - I had secretly hoped they'd go onto win it but am now switching my allegiance to France after the way the Italians played against the Socceroos the other week. DS is still pinning his hopes on Portugal despatching France tonight as he drew Portugal in the class sweepstake at school. I can't support them after they knocked out England :o( and their filthy performance against Holland - two red cards indeed!

I shall have to put aside my boys for now as my Ostrich is calling loud and clear for the weekend of 5/6 August. Someone asked if I was to machine or hand quilt it. The answer being most definitely machine on my trusty old Bernina (with it's sister machine in back up in case the workload gets too much for her. My arthritic fingers aren't up to hand quilting - strange that when they can whizz along with the hand applique.


Judy said...

Oops Bebbs I commented about your sandwich down with the roses!! Didn't want this post to feel left out.

Your friends Ostritch turned out wonderfula nd it was fun to see her rounds, and how she did them.

Again, good job on the sandwich!

Katie said...

This is really a beauty!

kim said...

Her quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on the sandwich, and with hitting the half way mark with the names!! You have been busy.
I understand the computer trouble- I'm out of town, and this computer will not let me log in to post anything on my blog. It's making me crazy!
Luckily I can still read other blogs, so I won't be completely mad before I return home.
Well, keep up the good work with the names, you're almost there!

Hedgehog said...

This is brilliant! I've just started blogging and between this quilt and Tonya's awesome tutorial, I have a great new idea for something for my brother. It will take a few months for this project to get started, though. I have some fabric saved for it in storage in the US!