Thursday, July 06, 2006

Computers work in mysterious ways!

Well I have absolutely no idea why - but my blog just would not show up over the past couple of days - all you got was an interminable delay and a white screen - very frustrating - anyway eventually i managed to navigate to my dashboard from a comment I'd left on someone elses blog and I republished the entire blog - so here we are up and running again - this probably all sounds kind of like I know what I'm talking about but I don't it was just an inspired guess :o)

Yesterday was a funny day - I had my usual day off work and I had an interview for another school job to go to. I also felt not at all well - had the trots and felt lightheaded and sort of woolly round the edges - probably the heat!

The offshoot of all this was that I didn't get the job - a choice between me and another candidate and I came second yet again! This is the 5th time this has happened since we've been here - disappointing because despite feeling unwell I felt the interview went very well indeed. Apparently it was so close that they left it to the Finance Officer that I'd be working alongside to pick between us ?!?!? How can you counter that?

DH and I had a long discussion as I was starting to feel like maybe it was because I'm not local - but he just said that he felt it was not that - more likely because I'm actually too good for the job and if I didn't have three school aged children with their term-time, school day restrictions I'd be aiming for something much higher on a full time basis - I did have quite a high powered job before the children were born. He said it was probably the case that they'd feel I would show up their inadequacies as I'm leagues ahead of them.

This all sounds very big headed - but they were his words - not mine, I was feeling pretty flat about it all

He is a wonderful guy in loads of ways but never one to bandy compliments about for the sake of it - the best you'll get for example when you're dressed up really nicely to go somewhere special is a very distracted 'Oh yeah you look okay' so you can tell what I mean encouraging and complimentary remarks are few and far between for anyone, not just me - it's just the way he is - Man of few words

He has made me feel a lot better about myself - I never used to lack self conviction but there are only so many knock backs you can take and not start to feel it

I do have another couple of interviews next week so we'll see and the temporary placement that I'm in now is also looking like I'll be put onto a temporary contract with the school in September rather than the staffing agency if the incumbent doesn't come back to work - she retires next May and is off with stress - we think she's working her ticket on ill-health and will just spin it out as long as she can up to then.

Out of all of them the place I'm at at the moment would be my preferred choice as I know the staff, the head doesn't feel threatened by me - in fact she's a particularly enabling sort of person to work for. But of course there is the outside chance that the permanent lady will just come back and I'll be left high and dry.

Gosh - what a muddle - no doubt things will become clearer over the next few weeks. Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to work and could just stay at home and play quilting all day

With all this going on I've not done much stitching - certainly way too hot and sticky for me to attempt to quilt The Brute - but I did stitch a few more hexagons for my sofa throw whilst watching the French beat the Portuguese - YES!

No pictures to show you as Blogger obviously hasn't completely made friends with me today - I was going to show you a quilt I made for DH's baby niece just before we moved down here last Autumn - I'll save it for another day.


Screen Door said...

Blogger lost my bunny posting - so I know how you feel. Can't remember what I wrote either....
Keep that man..I think he loves you....I hate job hunting. How many times do we keep lesser jobs because of the fear/dread of looking for new ones. Keep the faith--the right one is out there yet. He's right about the kid thing, even though the challenge may be rewarding the sacrifice may not have been worth it..and then there's quilting time too... a rare commodity...
Be good--

Lois R. said...

So glad you're back! I was wondering what happened to you. Sorry about the job -- very frustrating I'm sure. I'm sitting here wishing I didn't have to work too, but for different reasons...

Your friend's Ostrich is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Linda_J said...

Anne, I think quite a few of us have had a case of disappearing blogs. I mistakenly deleted my first one as I could not access it, thought it was my error and took the path of what good is it if even I cannot get to it?? Should have just rode it out--still it was only 6 weeks worth of stuff lost.

Head up on the job hunting, girl--it must be hard to not have a clear view of the future right now. Old person coming back, this interview or that? Surely the odds will shift your way one of these times. Just hang in there in the meantime.

Fiona said...

Nice to see you back - I wondered where you'd got to! I'm sure you will get something permanent soon - if it's any consolation I'm green with envy that you get summer holidays off - though maybe the ostrich quilt will eat up a lot of that time?

Maureen said...

Anne, Keep the faith! The right job will come along at the right time. I believe we are all on a path that leads us in the right direction.

Would love to see your sofa throw made of hexagons. Albert Small was able to cut 6000 hexagons from a yard of fabric to make his last quilt! I wish you could see the display of his quilts too. I'm so happy that Illinois State Museum owns his quilts, I've read about him and his quilts for many years. Don't give up the thought of seeing them because I've heard that they sometimes travel!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Sorry about the job situation and good on you for recognising compliments from DH. Mine is exactly the same!

Your Liverpool names are coming along so quickly - I'm enjoying watching your progress.

Hope you're feeling 100% healthy really soon.

Shelina said...

I understand about losing your self confidence when you are job hunting. I'm sure your husband is right. Sometimes you are denied other opportunities because the best one hasn't come along yet. Be patient. It will.

Judy said...

Anne, I don't work because of an illness but just the thought of having interviews makes me all weak in the knees! Chin up, it's tough, but hubby is perfectly right. Sometimes these people think you have so much experience that you'll leave quickly for another post and they don't take the chance. Staying put would be great and maybe she won't come back!!

The hexagons is wonderful! I have a small one of larger hexagons and it still isn't anywhere near done!

KCQuilter said...

I have only come to know you through your blog, but I can say that the employers who did not hire you were the ones who lost out. You are articulate, disciplined, a self-starter, have a great sense of humor, and so very talented. Having worked in schools for over 30 years myself, I can say that these are much needed commodities.