Monday, July 17, 2006

The Brute just keeps on going

Well I've been steadily chipping away at 'The Brute' before, a little during and since the weekend. I think I'm over three quarters of the way done now so at least I'm well onto the down hill straight.

As I've got my work station set up pretty well it's not proving too difficult. The work top with my machine on is up against the windowsill so I don't have a problem with The Brute dragging down onto the floor behind the machine and the ironing board to my left is keeping it from pulling down sideways so we're slowly getting there, it is just a bit tedious that's all.

I've had a pretty busy weekend as DD1 had her second rugby academy day so we were all out of the house from 8am Saturday 'til 1pm Sunday as we stayed at the 'out-laws' (sorry Nigel's parents) on Saturday night. However I did get to sit in the sun watching her train all day on the Saturday so took along loads of my hexagons to cover with fabric - mindless, simple work that I could get on with without having to think and could chat to the other spectating parents at the same time. Anyway that's given me lots of prepared hexagons to stitch to the main piece now. At this rate I really can't imagine getting that one finished for the show which is now only two weeks on Saturday as it will be cutting it too fine I think - never mind save that for another time I suppose. At least the brute should be good and finished in time!

DD1 Sarah set off for a three day school trip to London this morning and wasn't too happy as we incorrectly read the instructions thinking she had to be at school for 7.30am when the coach wasn't actually departing 'til 9am - Dad dropped her off on his way to work and as there were stacks of people milling around because the Paris trip was leaving at 7.30 he didn't realise she was way too early - some very scratchy texts came my way I can tell you! Still she did read the itinerary last night herself as well as us and didn't pick up on it either. Anyway better early than late I say!

They got to London ok so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she stays safe as it's only a few days since the anniversary of last year's suicide bombings on the tube and buses. As far as I know they're actually going everywhere on their own coach so she should be ok - and of course you have to let them go bit by bit as you can't wrap them up in cotton wool for ever but nevertheless it is still a worry and I shan't settle properly 'til she's back late on Wednesday evening which just so happens to be her 14th birthday too.

I was deeply saddened by the news of Judy's nephew on Sunshine Quilts blog who was killed in a car crash last week at only 27 I think. Life is so precious and that of your own doubly so - but you do have to let them spread their wings if only in little stages at a time, I know everyone in the blogging community is holding her and her family in their hearts but it is such a very sad time for them.

As 'The Brute' is still under the needle I've posted photos of the two quilts I made for DH's nieces when they were new-born - we saw the girls again this weekend. The one with the pink random strippies was for Nicola who was two in April and the one with the pinwheels for her baby sister Hannah who will be one at the end of August.

As gorgeous as the two of them are, in some ways I'm very glad mine are a good bit past that labour intensive stage especially as the two girls and their 5 year old brother are very clingy which makes them extra hard work for her.

Right - tea for the two youngest before their swimming lessons tonight and then a quilt group committee meeting for me so I can't see 'The Brute' getting completed tonight - Oh well tomorrow is always another day!


Judy said...

Very glad that the Brute is comgin along. Can't wait to see it finished!!

The baby quilts are very cute, I think all babies love to have something snuggly to cuddle up with, especially when they get a bit older.

kcamou said...

What sweet baby quilts! I bet they will love them until the stuffing starts coming out. I'll say a prayer for your daughter. Mine are still so little I can't imagine letting them do anything at all. I'm happy for you that "The Brute" is almost finished. Good for you!

quiltpixie said...

its hard to let them go, but you're right we need to learn to, and they need to learn to fly on their own too... hang in there

Anne Wigfull said...

Not slacking are you, Anne? :))

In my experience, letting them go is the best way of keeping them close, if you see what I mean. I see others who haven't been able to cut the apron strings/umbilical cord and in the end their sprogs do the cutting for them in a very positive and final way.

uderhood said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.