Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nothing much to report

I have absolutely nothing quilty to show you at all today as I've been steadily mastering 'The Brute' - I reckon I'm about half done now

In the later evenings when I've been too tired to concentrate at the machine I've been stitching hexagons and have completed the beige round and made a reasonable start on the turquoise round which will square off all the edges.

The photo shows you DD1 at her Regional Rugby Presentation Awards Evening last Friday night which we took her to up at a lovely golf club near Bristol overlooking the two Severn bridges which take traffic over the River Severn into Wales

Sarah is second from left with the huge smile and the pretty cream top on. Her friends (from the left) Cat (short for Catherine), Alice, Kate and Megan were all selected for the Personal Development Academy with her and they've all played together for County (Somerset) and the region (South West, North of England) throughout the 2005/2006 season so have got to know each other pretty well. They keep in touch on-line and looking at them you'd be hard pressed to think they're actually rugby players. In fact the girl on the outside left also does ballet :o)

A lovely bunch of girls - who knows in eight years time we may see some of them playing for England Ladies in the World Cup


kcamou said...

You have a beautiful daughter! And I can tell how proud you are of her. I can't believe you are half way done with that giant quilt and found time to work so much on the other as well. You continue to impress me!

Screen Door said...

Hey, I'd of picked her out as yours. She's a doll. Girls that do athletics have their act together.

quiltpixie said...

way to keep pluggin along at your quilt projects. You'll have so much to show when "the Brute" is finished :-)

Judy said...

My goodness you work fast!! I'd love to see some more close-ups of your quilting when it's all done!

Your daughter and her friends look wonderfully happy! Good girls!

Lily said...

Go the girls playing rugby! They are very much tougher than I am! Rugby scares me...hahahaha.