Sunday, July 02, 2006

FPOT Applique steps 3 and 4

Then cut out your shape to be appliqued allowing a seam allowance of a scant quarter inch all round. As a circle has one continuous convex curve all the way round you don't need to snip towards the paper as you would if you had a concave curve or an inward 'v' like at the top of a heart.

Next I tack the shape onto the background clean through the freezer paper. Some people hold their shape in place, others pin it on, personally I find it worth the extra effort of a little tacking as it holds the shape firmly in place and prevents slippage which is especially important if you want a good even circle and desirable for any shape :o)

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Judy said...

I alwasy pin a few pins then tack down with a heavy thread so that it stays put. As I sew under I clip the stitches and pull them out of the way!

It's perfect for taking your work along with you!

Thanks so much for the instructions!!