Sunday, July 02, 2006

The last two months - more applique :o)

The dreaded 'P' word reared it's head for September - the challenge organiser knew that we were scheduled to move house on the 16th so she let me have the instructions very early to hopefully get it finished well before. 'Half Square Triangles' are not my favourite - we're back to the spectre of getting them calculated to fit along the receiving side - so I deliberately left a gap in the middle and filled that with background. This was fine but looked a bit bare - so as you can imagine I didn't need much persuading to add even more applique - this time smaller dots like the berries on the proper applique round.

The final round was October and because I'd finished the September round in double quick time - even before the end of August I think the organiser again very kindly offered me the opportunity to work on this one before the due month - the challenge this time was 'Friendship Stars'.

As my work was by now of gargantuan proportions the thought of piecing all those stars really didn't appeal - so I put one in each corner and a contrasting smaller one half way down each side and filled in between with some flower swags. These were done with bias tubing for the stalks and then heart shaped leaves with three layered flowers at intervals and pink spots again for the berries.

I have to confess I didn't get these completed anywhere near the end of October - I think I had them done before Christmas if I remember rightly so the Ostrich was completed in 2005. Most of it was stitched in Gloucester, some of the applique on holiday in the Pembrokeshire part of South Wales and finally the last round was completed in our new home here in Somerset

Hopefully this afternoon I shall try to sandwich it so that I can get on with the quilting and be able to put it both into our show and of course onto our bed - just have to decorate the bedroom to match then :o(


kim said...

You work is amazing!! The quilt is just beautiful. I can't believe all those circles :-0! I am in awe. I'm sure it will do well in any quilt show!
:-) Kim

joyce said...

What a beautiful quilt. Not being an applique person myself, I am doubly impressed by all the applique. THe colors are also lovely.

quiltpixie said...

I'm amazed at the amount of applique you've done. To me that is soooo much slower than calculating and piecing. It's it great that we all enjoy different things!

computerpeach said...

beautiful - i too am in awe of all the applique. thank you for showing the closeups by month.

Judy said...

Bebbs, you applique is trukly amazing work!! Being an applique lover myself, I can appreciate the work that goes into one of these projects.

May I ask you a question about your circle dots? You mentioned that you applique by using the freezer paper on top method. You iron your pattern down, then cut the seam allowance and then turn under with your needle until you reach the edge of the frezzer paper pattern? IS that right?

How do you do you dots? Do you make the freezer paper dots and then the seam allowance and just needleturn them all the way round? or do you ever do a running stich and press them after drawing them around something round? You didn't mention this way so I'm thinking you get such great round circle just turning with the needle to match the round freezer paper on top, right? That's is a much more difficult way to do them and you do a fantastic job at it! Especially at the smaller size!

Great job! On every part and section!

kcamou said...

Anne, thank you so very much for sharing this whole project with us. It is just brilliant. I too would love to know about your "freezer paper on top" method. Perhaps I'll give it a try and learn to like, maybe even love, applique.

The Calico Cat said...

WOW Your work is phenomenal!