Saturday, July 01, 2006

Oh dear - we're going home :o(

Sadly after a fairly lacklustre performance we're out of the World Cup and Portugal go through to the semis. I hope their disappointment doesn't affect the fans behaviour in Germany tonight as unfortunately we do have a past reputation for post match trouble and it would be very sad to spoil things as Germany have been the perfect hosts.

In comparison with the way the French have just run rings round the favourites Brazil we really didn't deserve to stay in but I feel with a run of bad luck on the injury front together with some very suspect squad selections from the outgoing manager our performance hasn't done English football much justice

Hey - ho at least Andy Murray is still in Wimbledon :o) ........ and of course it is always the Rugby World Cup next year :o)


Pam said...

So sorry for your loss. We watched the game and it is always disappointing to lose - esp. in a shoot out - or penalty kicks. In hockey it's called a shoot out. Maybe next time.

Doodlebug Gail said...

So sorry for your England loss. I dislike it when the game goes to penalty kicks - seems unfair, but then again, they need a winner don't they? Rugby World Cup ... I'll be supporting South Africa (country of my birth) - it was a great thrill to watch them win in 1995.

Felicity said...

I might be Irish (even though I haven't been there for yonks and have an English accent - life is complicated!) I always root for England and as someone said ' they can be relied on to disappoint'! I agree though, they didn't really deserve to win compared to France but Portugal were no more deserving were they?! Oh, if only all footballers played like Zidane I'd be a BIG footie fan! I didn't want that game to end, he's a magician!