Sunday, July 02, 2006

FPOT Applique - Step 5 - the tricky bit :o)

Now the tricky bit - stitching your applique shape to the background.

Firstly I tuck under a bit of the seam allowance in a straight line so that it is only next to the edge of the freezer paper at one point - a bit like a line at a tangent to the circumference of a circle if you can remember your geometry from school.

I then slip the needle behind it, effectively into the middle of that needleturn fabric (not behind the backing fabric) so that it then comes through the applique fabric to the front at that specific point. This leaves the knot inside the appliqued shape - nice and neat - I then make a securing stitch through all layers.

Then putting pressure near to that spot with the thumb nail of my left hand (I'm right handed so it's my non-sewing hand) and thus keeping the already needle turned fabric in place, I proceed to turn under the next couple of millimetres and stitch that down by bringing my needle up through the edge of the applique fabric and back down to the back again in the same spot so the stitches don't show all nice and invisible especially as I use a thread to match the applique material.

I proceed in this fashion shuffling along the whole way round the shape 'til I meet up with myself at the beginning again. Often I will go just past my start point as reinforcement and then secure neatly on the back.

Reading that back through I don't think that's totally as clear as mud but you must ask if you're not sure of something.


Judy said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm sure glad I did! I can't wait to read the entire thing. I want to get a project started to try the FPOT applique. Thanks for such great instructions.

kcamou said...

Anne, okay, I'll give a try... I'm still not confident, but I'm so appreciative of you taking the time to post the directions that it is the least I can do. Thank you! Wish me luck and I'll get back to you.

Judy said...

My we have a few Judy's don't we! I thought this was how you did the FPOT method! It's probably perfect for circles instead of the running stitch and frawstring method as that takes forever to set up!

I made FPOT shapes and ironed them to my 6 pieces for a block in my current BOM so I can use this method with that block and see how it comes out. Sometimes I hate having the chalk line to contend with, so this is a good alternative.

Thanks again for the directions and the great pictures.

NOW, I think you need to republish your blog as it's gone missing! It comes up if you roll over a link on the left side and open it. But the main page has gone goofy!